Wolves in the Throne Room: Celestial Lineage tour 2011 prints now available for purchase.

My design for the WITTR 2011 tour series curated by Andrew Crawshaw (Brokenpress, Seattle, WA)  is now available for purchase: $15 + shipping. These are hand-screen printed, numbered and signed by the artist. Please email: kevin at viraloptic dot come for details.Print details:

- 18x24" black poster stock
- x3) color print: metallic copper, gold and silver inks
- coverage dates for the tour:
9/16/11 Bethlehem, PA
9/17/11 Richmond, VA
9/18/11 Greensboro, NC
9/20/11 Sheffield, AL
9/21/11 Nashville, TN
Printed by Andy @Brokenpress in Seattle, WA.


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Luciform" ltd CD/CS editions.

Out soon on WANDS.

Servile Sect - "Realms of the Queen" vinyl edition

"Realms of the Queen is our proverbial popcorn trail stretching into the dripping mysteriis of psychedelic mindfulness. Re-issued for vinyl by King of the Monsters.  Featuring a beautiful 
re-design by Thee indica arsonist/tryptamine visionary Kevin Gan Yuen. Limited edition flying saucer-inspired artwork with "irradiated cum from Christ's cosmic cock" 12" vinyl INSANITY"

Process: layout and photography. the primary photograph that makes up this design is a close-up of our tour-van's break-pads that was taken with my iPhone, while on tour with Sutekh Hexen and Folivore back in August. Days prior (coming back through Arcata, CA), I had noticed an awful grinding sound under the floorboard and lack of responsiveness from the vehicle when I was driving. At that point, in L.A. I said: "when we get to San Diego, we absolutely needed to get them inspected..." sure enough, the break-pads were completely fucked. 
As per-usual, it is in the details...

CMYK + 1 (metallic silver ink) on the strips of lighter gray in the photograph and the vinyl center-labels and spot UV (raised-ink) on the LP jackets lettering, which will only be visible at certain angles. 

The guys in SERVILE SECT asked me to do something textural with simple typography. When Luke mentioned textures, he wanted something akin to the side of a crash-landed flying-saucer... not that any of us have ever seen one, but it made sense to me and this was the end-result. I will post pictures of the complete packaging/etc when they arrive. Out soon from: KING OF THE MONSTERS RECORDS.


SUTEKH HEXEN - (live) 10.21.11

NOOTHGRUSH @924 Gilman 10.23.2011 "Dualistik Pantheism" print

A collaborative effort between myself and SF print-maker M. Osborne. It is a ltd. screen-print to be sold @924 Gilman tomorrow night (10/22) >> celebrating the reunion of the Bay Area sludge/doom band NOOTHGRUSH. They were one of if not thee West Coast forerunners in the metal sub-genre that really brought about the new wave of unapologetic, down-tuned filthy-aggression to the unassuming ears of the masses. DISPRIT and ATRIARCH are equally amazing as well - but, I will leave you to check all these bands out on your own accord... assuming that heavy-metal is your cup of tea... this will be a true night of sonic-variety.

Process: this a involved 12x15" wood-block carving, photography, typesetting and hand-pulled // screen-printed by yours truly in 3-colors: metallic-turqoise, wine and black on French Paper Co. (Kraft) stock. Measuring 18x24" ltd. to 35 hand-numbered/signed prints. These are literally still drying as I type this post!!!

I can't really say too much more about this other than projects like this make me feel truly alive... that is:
Working with my hands and creating an end-result: being tangible item that is not on your cryPad, cryPhone of cryPod...

GATES - "Moths Have Eaten the Core" repress

The IMMENSE debut album from Toronto's drone-scape mastermind Bryan Walker Bray's project: GATES is getting the second-pressing treatment through dear friends @IVORY ANTLER shortly and the artwork/packaging was moderately altered to distinguish this between pressings: the violet-theme, updated disc graphic and I believe this edition will be printed on matte-uncoated stock.

Please tune-in to GATES here and take some time to check out/support IVORY ANTLER releases here.



A preview of the tri-fold, screen-printed packaging that will house three 7-inch records, collecting the first three out-of-print cassette demos: "Constellation", "Ritualistic" and "Alters" // Forthcoming on DEAD SECTION (Denmark) // the glare is caused from the metallic silver ink. Art direction by myself and the haunting illustrations were executed by the highly skilled Si Clark (UK) whom we worked with previously on the "Daemons" 7".


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" CD

OUT NOW: breaking the vinyl format with this disc, collecting the first three 7" releases + a scathing live recording from our set @₮ΣRMI₦ΛL in Oakland, CA. Respect: Karl @Fall of Nature, S. Wilson, R. Jencks @TERMINAL and L. Camfield.

via. Fall of Nature: 

"Pitch black and malevolent, noise drenched occult Black Metal. These hymns demonstrate a sonic representation of ritualistic sounds and occult darkness, collected from extremely limited and sold out vinyl releases and live material.

Professionally pressed CD, limited to 250 pieces in a high quality digipak with artwork S. Wilson / Black Uroboros Illustration."

We will have copies of this CD, the "Shadows" 7" and a new shirt design by Demian Johnston. for sale on our upcoming CA mini-tour Oct 21-23. 


BFC - "Summoning Aural Hell"

Largely inspired by the now classic and forever mythical LLN cassette packaging and presentation aestheticSee also: VVORLD VVITHOUT END. 6-panel fold-out poster style packaging to be printed on 100lb. red card stock, folded and inserted into resealable pouches with black/black CDr's. Edition of 140 copies. Process: pencil illustration, photography and digital.


Wolves in the Throne Room: Celestial Lineage 2011: tour print series II

My design to be available for purchase via WITTR's upcoming dates // coming from the skilled hands of Seattle's @Brokenpress(click image to enlarge). 
Print details:
- 18x24" black stock
- metallic copper, gold and silver inks
- coverage dates for the tour:

9/16/11 Bethlehem, PA
9/17/11 Richmond, VA
9/18/11 Greensboro, NC
9/20/11 Sheffield, AL
9/21/11 Nashville, TN


"Shadows" 7" arrives...

(click image to see an animation of the variant and back cover) Available @http://www.holyterror.com/store


Aidan Baker - "Noise of Silence" reissue

"The always impressive and prolific Aidan Baker creates thick walls of doomgaze on the Nadja duo, but under his own name he manages to explore a much more personal world, offering inspiring and mind altering drone music to his established fan base.
Released in 2007 as a very limited edition CDR, Noise Of Silence is one of our top favorite Baker’s lost gems that truly deserved a special treatment.
A single, spontaneously composed, yet majestically structured 50 minute opus of swirling processed guitars, tape loops and noise bursts. Fear-inspiring in essence, the album slowly builds up a suffocating and trance inducing atmosphere around fragmented subliminal messages from a suicidal voice. Dangerously persuasive, we dare to say. Utterly intoxicating, Aidan exercises patience to reach the disturbing climaxes of Noise Of Silence. Definitely not your typical dose of gentle and dreamy Baker solo.
As an interesting note, a friend and fellow Baker fan reveals that the suicidal voice heard on the album is from Romeo Dallaire, a Canadian general who in the 90′s headed the UN troops ill-fated attempt to stop the genocide taking place in Rwanda. He returned to Canada with post-traumatic stress syndrome and actually attempted suicide in 2000.
We care for sound quality as much as we care for presentation, so the album is now fully revised and remastered by James Plotkin, unveiling buried sounds we couldn’t notice on the original release.
Beautiful 5-color printing on a custom 6-panel packaging. Limited to 400 copies.
Also available as a boxset edition."




400 copies


6-panel custom pack


Recorded, performed and composed by Aidan Baker.
Remastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork & photography by Kevin Yuen.


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Luciform" LP

Available now from WANDS6-track debut LP available now. Limited to 350 copies, 100 on purple. If you order multiple copies you will get one on color.




SUTEKH HEXEN West Coast 2011 Tour Itinerary:

7/22 Alleyway: Portland, OR
7/23 the Highline: Seattle, WA
7/24 the Big Tree: Aracata, CA
7/25 Munoz Gym, Bakersfield, CA
7/26 the Rouge West, Phoenix, AZ (pending)
7/27 tba 
7/28 the Shakedown: San Diego, CA
7/29 tba Ventura, CA
7/30 Pioneer Street: Santa Cruz, CA
7/31 Hazmat: Oakland, CA


Servile Sect - "Demos 2005/2006"

Preview of the artwork/design for SERVILE SECT's forthcoming proper-issue of "Demo's 2005/2006" tape via. Chicago's LAND OF DECAY (run by the members of LOCRIAN).  Continuing the psychedelic/sci-fi theme - the visuals are a combination long-forgotten dreams of the cosmos, combined with our visions of space-travel and existence. (above: the j-card design and there will be metallic gold on-shell printing on the kelly green cassette-shells).

Here is what Luke from SS has to say about the release:
"This cassette is a selection of demos from 2005/2006. This tape collects some of our earliest explorations. We gave Kevin free-reign to create a visual representation of the vibes captured in these recordings. Releasing soon in an edition of 100 kelly green C-30 cassette tapes on Land of Decay."

All material contained on this c30 was the precursor to "Stratospheric Passenger", "Eternal Mind", "Realms of the Queen" and most recently "TRVTH" --- to be honest - this material stands the test of time VERY WELL, but is definitely their darker and heavier material: which is appropriate for LOD to be handling this release.  



No Funeral - "Six Song EP"

Here are the new No Funeral 12" LP jacket and cassette edition layout/designs. They play noisy, very RAW blackened punk. R. from NF asked me for "the idea i have in my head is some type of sad nature picture , something thats depressing and dark". I don't know if these shots really convey sadness or the emotional void... maybe my perception of beauty is really fucked-up; but we agreed on the visuals and that works for me! Details: this features two of my b&w nature photographs from two locations: one in Southern CA and there other here in Northern CA. On the back, a quick ink-illustration, refined digitally and combined additional elements to complete it. Mixed and mastered by Scott Miller. "Six Songs" will be available from WANDS  
and on their upcoming tour with Sutekh Hexen with Folivore.


Opposites attract: WUGAZI

THIS RULES! check it out HERE.

"Wugazi is a labor of love by Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy. A year’s worth of cutting up every imaginable Fugazi record and trying out every Wu-Tang acapella they could get their hands on, resulted in Wugazi: 13 Chambers (a must listen for anyone who even looked at a skateboard in the 90’s).
Cecil Otter is an emcee & producer, and one of the founding members of Doomtree. He has contributed to over a dozen records. His most recent full-length, Rebel Yellow, was re-released by Sage Francis for Strange Famous Records. He’s now recording his solo project, Porcelain Revolver.
Swiss Andy is a musician & producer residing in Minneapolis. He has been a contributor to several bands including The Millionth Word, Field Guide and The Swiss Army. He is currently working on a remix of Rebel Yellow.?"