R.I.P. Edgar Froese

1944-2015: A total legend, leading in crafting timeless sounds that opened doors for me as a young man. I think a large percentage of people into or involved with experimental and its sub-genres would agree.

Go here to listen to 'Phaedra'
Here for 'Stratosphere' And here to listen to 'Zeit'

Aural atmospheric influence aside, their album covers made a significant impression on me as well, especially with the later presentations of the Sutekh Hexen 12" EP cover designs. On-point and undeniable art-direction, really.


Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen - 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2LP

(actual product shots coming soon)
Details: 5-color gatefold LP packaging (CMYK + Pantone 877) and spot UV, offset printed oversize OBI strip (printed at Stumptown Printers in Oregon), center labels. The metallic silver ink (text and sigil only) has a ghostly effect with the photography and the details of the spot UV (snow and wind woodcut imagery), further compliment the extraordinary subtle details highly visible in daylight.

Recorded on location at Stella Natura Festival 2013 in Tahoe National Forest by Mateo Garcia. Mastered by James Plotkin. Art Direction: Thomas Martin Ekelund and Kevin Gan Yuen. Photography: Joshua Churchill. 'Struck' Woodcut: Maria Arango. Text: Patricia Cram
Purchase here: Pesanta Urfolk. This release is limited, due to realistic demand and it should be noted that the label are down to the last copies in pre-orders and this will NOT be repressed. The limited version has already sold out.



Friends at Auris Apothecary are celebrating their 100th release: AAX-100 in an incredible way by having the physical remains of the previous 99 releases, including that of AAX-077 : Become by SUTEKH HEXEN interred is a great honor.

Those who appreciate absurd notions of what form and function should be are advised to take note. A.A.'s content and presentation aesthetics maintain that print is indeed alive and well...

From A.A.
"For a milestone such as 100 releases, we knew we wanted to do something that went above and beyond. "Centum" exists simultaneously as both a metaphorical abstraction and a literal representation of our first chapter, serving as a comprehensive compendium of our entire audio/visual catalog of releases from AAX-001 through AAX-099. While many of these have been readily available as downloads dating back to our oldest website iterations, we have painstakingly transferred, edited, titled, and organized every single second of every single release into high-quality 320 KBPS MP3 files, with meticulous metadata and cover art embedded. 

///// ///// ///// 

Metaphorically, AAX-100 is our olive branch to the dissenters of obsolete media, compiling the physicality of 99 albums into the convenience of a MicroSD Card smaller than the size of a postage stamp. 

Literally, it is the destroyed remains of all 99 releases that came before it - smashed, shredded, crushed, and blended - contained inside a 300 ml glass Apothecary bottle sealed with a cork top vial. The debris includes, but is not limited to, broken glass, magnetic tape, pieces of tile, sunflower leaves, nails, cassette shards, scouring pads, sandpaper, wax seals, elk antlers, vinyl chunks, and more, forming a poisonous concoction of audio/visual detritus. 

///// ///// ///// 

In addition to the complete audio archive, any and all accompanying media tied to specific releases has been included as well. Files such as UNHOLY TRIFORCE's CMDEXE(INIFINITY).exe program from AAX-031, the black/white film from the VHS version of SHROUDED ELK's Skeletal Forests, a 50-page PDF copy of DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI's Ameritheism zine, and more. Audio reproduction of interactive and altered-playback mediums has been transferred from their original format, with Locked Groove Lathe Plate grooves played back for 1 minute each, and similar excerpts of the Untitled Tape Loops from UNHOLY TRIFORCE. The first batch of the Nintendo Soundtrack Series is included as well, with each track from every game presented as its own titled file. Finally, all anti-releases and seemingly unplayable releases such as the 17" lathe cut Transcryptions and 10" glue record have also been included, with transfers taken from an actual copy of the anti-release. 

///// ///// ///// 

This is singlehandedly the largest and most comprehensive archive of media we have, and ever will, publish. While we love each and every one of these releases for their own individual reasons, we nevertheless are ready to transition into our Second Chapter of Existence. With this comes an absolute cleansing of all past traditions, processes, and projects."

Further details and pre-ordering info here: