I just wrapped up a series of skateboard deck designs that I had been working on up until tonight...

BOTH of the swirly vector graphics on the left-hand side are originally from a canvas print I created for a non-profit a while ago; it was sold at an auction to fund an arts/music program at a local elementary school... see? I am not THAT rotten

...madness as usual


151208: the Limbs have landed

Copies of OFC - 'Dismantling Her Six Arms' arrived this week, along some shirts they had printed. I designed their logo and did the artwork for this one... everything turned out effing GREAT!!!

I have been amassing material for various FERMENTÆ/solo releases at a ridiculous rate here – there will be no letting up. I have to say that this primitive process of capturing field-recordings via hand-held cassette recorder and then transferring them to my digital 8-track is probably laughable, but I am pleased with the results - analog > digital > mess... also this whole day (12/21) has been specifically dedicated to working on an effort w/ Icelandic composer Jóhannes G. Þorsteins - ask him about sheep

Also, I recently have been in correspondence with Bryan Walker, performing member of Canadian acts: ORCA, GARDENIA and ORCINUS... another like-minded artist who is definitely worth checking out

...more sooner than later