Design/layout for the VERY limited release available @the Josephine performance in Ballard, WA on the 24th (this coming Monday)... The content: A 28m track composed by Scott Miller, Demian Johnston and myself. Half of which was recorded live in San Francisco and the other half by Demian in Ballard, WA.

DETAILS: 4-panel fold-out packaging in a resealable poly-bag, hand screen-printed graphics on high-quality black/black CDrs on center hubs. REMAINING /over-run copies are $5 (+ shipping). Don't miss out on this awesome collaborative work.
- NOW AVAILABLE - REMAINING /over-run copies are $5 (+ shipping). Don't miss out on this awesome collaborative work.

UPDATE: You can pick one up at Dissonant Plane in Seattle.
"...cosmic extra slow music" -D.P.


Tri-fold, 3"CDr companion disc //single 23m track. Printing was completed and assembly begun last night. The front panel side was printed on metallic gold card stock and looks INSANE... the above mock-up, does it no justice.


These are $5 individually or $8 as the complete 'DIASPORA' double 3" set. NOTE: There are VERY FEW copies of the complete set left (about a dozen)

An excerpt to said track can be heard



Artwork/design for the 4-way split release forthcoming from BLACK GOAT RECORDS. This one features the bands: Halo of the Sun, The Arm and Sword of the Bastard God, Gnaw Their Tongues and The Slaughtered Lamb. As Darea from BGR said, "I can't wait to see the final product, it's going to be intense."

Many thanks again to Hawk Duncan for his photographic contributions!!



Hi everyone, just a a heads-up that the limited edition MONOLITHS & DIMENSIONS West Coast '09 tour posters are -NOW SHIPPING-
$25 each // please contact me directly for payment/shipping info: kevin@viraloptic.com
These will be shipped wrapped, rolled-up and sealed in sturdy poster tubes.

Print details:
measures- 13x32", 5-color screen print on quality 110lb. BLACK stock // designed by Kevin Yuen and hand-printed by Andy Crawshaw @Broken Press, numbered and signed in an edition of 100
pieces by myself.

this poster has elements that GLOW-IN-THE-DARK (the O))) logo and the upright figure) and that this print is DATE specific //meaning that this print is a physical documentation of the 080809 AKTION
process: found-art, scanner, hand-collage and PS + AI


(above:) 'Collaborative Works' assembly session @Scott and Erin's (2/3 of AQ) - they turned out GREAT!

Design + layout for experimental/psychedelic band AL QAEDA's new 7" - 'COLLABORATIVE WORKS' //featuring Mike Watt (Minutemen), Gabe Serbian (the Locust), Chris Carrico and Occasional Detroit. These will be available shortly on their West coast tour and through Scotch Tapes. You can catch them on tour w/said and various collaborators starting THIS FRIDAY @the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco (go check them out!)


CIRCLE of EYES //260809 LIVE performance

cathedral photograph via. Niall Scott (AUS) // artwork+design: Kevin Yuen
also performing: ONEHUNDREDSUNS and TYRANT


end July into August // new horizons and the Northwest haul

After an amazing visit with friends, both old and new in Seattle, WA - with the greatest memories still fresh, lets get to it - the bounty from my vacation:

(above:) for those of you who are familiar. Yes. it is. THEE original cover-art, matte/framed exquisitely, courtesy of the artist himself: Mr. Demian Johnston. MANY THANKS!!!

(above:) Alio Die & Aglaia - 'Private History of the Clouds', Hemmingway - 'Live at the Josephine 2009', the Golden Greys - 'Hold up the Vanguard', Grouper - 'Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill', Nifelheim - 'S/T' (reissue), Morbid Saint - 'Spectrum of Death' (reissue...finally), Kevin Drumm - 'Sheer Hellish Miasma' (reissue), Jim O'Rourke - 'I'm Happy, and I'm Singing and a 1,2,3,4 (reissue), Mütiilation - 'Vampires of Black Imperial Blood' (reissue... finally), Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern - 'utp-', Ulysses Siren - 'Above the Ashes' (another gem from Shaxul Records on Haight!!!), Sir Richard Bishop - 'While My Guitar Violently Bleeds', Demian Johnston - 'Still.' and Hemmingway - 'Strange, How the Night Moves' (thanks to Demian for keeping the tapes strong!!!

(above:) an Anpanman mask I bought in a sushi-bar in Tukwilla (thanks Doug).
Apparently, this cartoon character rips-off his head to feed the hungry...

Wolves roaming Australia

"Got the print back from the framers at the weekend. I have attached a couple of pics, I think it looks great beside Necromorth haha!! It cost $180AUD to get it framed, ouch, worth it though! What do you think? There is a earthy green hue off the blackish wooden frame which maybe doesnt come out the best in the pics but it works well with those colours in the print to the naked eye. cheers Niall"