something is lurking...

...above the canopy, within the fog and below the forest floor:

I have been currently been involved in an INCREDIBLE project being curated by Mr. Andrew Crawshaw @Broken Press. Expect updates on the progress of this project sooner than later...

If Boy Sets Fire were into black metal in their prime = Recently completed logo for NYC hardcore band the Heist. They asked for something resembling scratches on a filthy city wall with a decaying skyline above their name... fortunately, I had a filthy and decaying Strathmore sketch pad handy. Process: pen/ink, cell phone camera (no shit) and Illustrator. Ask them about the movie Goodfellas.


UPDATE: 130408 // new logo design project

(above: an enthusiastic fan and new logo for maniacs alike: WHORELORD from Long Island, New York) ...more artwork/related projects to be updated on here shortly, stay tuned!