CIRCLE of EYES Vs. KFJC/the airwaves

Our last performance of the year was a massive success!  
We will be editing/mixing the material for the next release shortly; this year has yielded the best out of T. and myself. Keep checking back for current performance and release updates. Eternal gratitude to: T., James, Moodkiller and Cy Thoth @KFJC for making this happen!!
"Apparently, the computer has never taken a dump in the middle of recording the stereo air-sound file before, so you should feel honored to be the first." -Moodkiller @KFJC


Connor Lewis Reid

- Welcome to the world -

Congratulations to Doug and Abbey!



(above:) a preview of the cover art design for the forthcoming TENHORNEDBEAST on Cold Spring Records. I am very excited to be involved with this release; Christopher Walton has been active within the dark-ambient/ritual/industrial/neo-folk genres since before most of us gave 3 1/2 an owl-pellet about experimental or drone music – so this is a true honor! I will detail the creative process sooner than later... 


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Aesop from COSMIC HEARSE maintains another incredible blog for the masses: HERE // please read the description below – ( bug him about updating it!!! )

"The Rorschach Ink Blot Test is a method of psychiatric evaluation created by Hermann Rorschach in 1921. Psychologists use the test to examine the personalities of their patients. On this site a number of very talented individuals are given a standard form of the Rorschach test. Their replies are then published for your analysis." 



Hi Everyone - a heads-up that we only have a couple left.
They are $20 (plus shipping) and will be mailed in tubes, if you're interested - email me. Thanks!

- designed by Kevin Yuen and Molly Osborne
- hand-pulled // 6-color screen-print
- measures 12x22"
- edition of 66


KFJC 89.7

I was asked to design their 50th anniversary celebration show poster – the prints will be available during the event @Cafe Du Nord.


...of Earthly flesh Vs. M. //OF FALLEN CROSSES

"Hey Kevin just got back the other day. Here is a pic of my fresh ink.Surge my artist and I decided to change it slightly so JC is facing me and a few minor thing other than that it's pretty true to the original. He was pretty damn stoked to be doing this work he gets tired of doing Unicorns and shit like that. Also he had some pretty in depth information about early Christians actually eating mushrooms so it's pretty symbolic in that regard."

...of Earthly decæ...


Jack Rose // 1971-2009

I had acquired a copy of the "Raag Manifestos" LP record at Tower Records in Fresno, during their liquidation in '06 (very significant find), fast-forward to '07 – I missed the only opportunity I would ever have to had seen him perform (I still think about it!!!).... Thursday night, I was going through my record collection after getting a new turntable and saw "Raag...", didn't even pick it up, but noticed it and hesitated – but moved on... it's strange to think about the impact of his music on myself as another 'guitarist'... keep playing.




...after bloat-sessions in Omar's backyard shed // Ivanhoe, CA
you can download it HERE

SHANKSGIVING '09 in three (bowel) movements

I. TRYPTOPHANING HARD (deaths embrace)
II. VOID OV HVNGER (pvmpkin pie less)
III. DROVVNED (in cran-gravy)

David: drum-sticks
Jacob: low-end tummy rumbles
Jimmy: screaming for seconds // vegan-rage
Kevin: gut-busting tater-riffs


KOMAROV - 'Soyuz 1'

Completed logo and album artwork/design for their debut album coming in 2010 on 12" vinyl LP format. Please check them out HERE.

MAAP goes live