SUTEKH HEXEN - (live) 10.21.11

NOOTHGRUSH @924 Gilman 10.23.2011 "Dualistik Pantheism" print

A collaborative effort between myself and SF print-maker M. Osborne. It is a ltd. screen-print to be sold @924 Gilman tomorrow night (10/22) >> celebrating the reunion of the Bay Area sludge/doom band NOOTHGRUSH. They were one of if not thee West Coast forerunners in the metal sub-genre that really brought about the new wave of unapologetic, down-tuned filthy-aggression to the unassuming ears of the masses. DISPRIT and ATRIARCH are equally amazing as well - but, I will leave you to check all these bands out on your own accord... assuming that heavy-metal is your cup of tea... this will be a true night of sonic-variety.

Process: this a involved 12x15" wood-block carving, photography, typesetting and hand-pulled // screen-printed by yours truly in 3-colors: metallic-turqoise, wine and black on French Paper Co. (Kraft) stock. Measuring 18x24" ltd. to 35 hand-numbered/signed prints. These are literally still drying as I type this post!!!

I can't really say too much more about this other than projects like this make me feel truly alive... that is:
Working with my hands and creating an end-result: being tangible item that is not on your cryPad, cryPhone of cryPod...

GATES - "Moths Have Eaten the Core" repress

The IMMENSE debut album from Toronto's drone-scape mastermind Bryan Walker Bray's project: GATES is getting the second-pressing treatment through dear friends @IVORY ANTLER shortly and the artwork/packaging was moderately altered to distinguish this between pressings: the violet-theme, updated disc graphic and I believe this edition will be printed on matte-uncoated stock.

Please tune-in to GATES here and take some time to check out/support IVORY ANTLER releases here.



A preview of the tri-fold, screen-printed packaging that will house three 7-inch records, collecting the first three out-of-print cassette demos: "Constellation", "Ritualistic" and "Alters" // Forthcoming on DEAD SECTION (Denmark) // the glare is caused from the metallic silver ink. Art direction by myself and the haunting illustrations were executed by the highly skilled Si Clark (UK) whom we worked with previously on the "Daemons" 7".


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" CD

OUT NOW: breaking the vinyl format with this disc, collecting the first three 7" releases + a scathing live recording from our set @₮ΣRMI₦ΛL in Oakland, CA. Respect: Karl @Fall of Nature, S. Wilson, R. Jencks @TERMINAL and L. Camfield.

via. Fall of Nature: 

"Pitch black and malevolent, noise drenched occult Black Metal. These hymns demonstrate a sonic representation of ritualistic sounds and occult darkness, collected from extremely limited and sold out vinyl releases and live material.

Professionally pressed CD, limited to 250 pieces in a high quality digipak with artwork S. Wilson / Black Uroboros Illustration."

We will have copies of this CD, the "Shadows" 7" and a new shirt design by Demian Johnston. for sale on our upcoming CA mini-tour Oct 21-23.