SUTEKH HEXEN - "Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" CD

OUT NOW: breaking the vinyl format with this disc, collecting the first three 7" releases + a scathing live recording from our set @₮ΣRMI₦ΛL in Oakland, CA. Respect: Karl @Fall of Nature, S. Wilson, R. Jencks @TERMINAL and L. Camfield.

via. Fall of Nature: 

"Pitch black and malevolent, noise drenched occult Black Metal. These hymns demonstrate a sonic representation of ritualistic sounds and occult darkness, collected from extremely limited and sold out vinyl releases and live material.

Professionally pressed CD, limited to 250 pieces in a high quality digipak with artwork S. Wilson / Black Uroboros Illustration."

We will have copies of this CD, the "Shadows" 7" and a new shirt design by Demian Johnston. for sale on our upcoming CA mini-tour Oct 21-23. 

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