Show this Thursday

I will be playing the baritone guitar in MJP's ensemble.

 (left:) also, the design for the tape that will be available at said show; they're limited to 50 copies, so try to pick one up. 

(left:) the final product - photo courtesy of MJP. Apparently, the 5-tape duplicator is eating tapes like there is no tomorrow...

Ruining the record industry has never been such a big headache. These just became ebay gold.


FERMENTÆ - 'Triangulation EP'

Artwork for the 3"CDr + mini-folio in vinyl sleeve forthcoming on Scotch Tapes.  Thanks to Jóhannes G. for the inner photo! This three-track release contains the darkest material to date and is the first to feature  vocals; a short and sweet (bitter) twenty-minutes.
- Luminous Rendering  
- spectre is...



Embracing the decæ: design for Tim Olson II

"It means "Corpse" in Korean... there's some other meanings to it as well which ironically fit... but I wanted some weird blast elaboration since its finishing out the space on the forearm part of my wrist."


VIRALOPTIC.COM new online portfolio launches

My new online portfolio / website went live today - check it out HERE. Design and music-related content will be updated as it becomes available; this blog WILL remain active -- actually I will likely update stuff here before viraloptic.com. Gratitude to Jóhannes G. 

00:00 - ∞

Thanks for checking it out.



CIRCLE of EYES - 'demo 2009' // free download

CIRCLE of EYES - 'demo 2009' (members of FERMENTÆ and NECRITE) // this was a very limited run release of our earliest sonic developments + devastations that we sold or gave away to bands and friends during our first year of performances.  

CLICK HERE to download it.

We only made 44 and I doubt we will ever re-release this material. Originally pressed on black-bottom CDr's with a silver screen-printed graphic on the disc (see image w/this post), packaged in a vellum tri-folio sleeve with artwork designed by myself and packaged in a resealable polybag.

The content can be categorized as dark-ambient, drone-metal, minimalistic/experimental etc.  x3) tracks, clocking in at nearly an hour // the first two tracks were from Tony and I's first recording session and the third track was recorded live in Oakland with James (session vocalist) at the time.

If you want the artwork to print at home - feel free to get in touch.