New batch of design work from the past few months:

It has been busier than usual in this dept. and I have lagged in providing any updates on here.  Detailed previews/notes at viraloptic.com.  

I had the pleasure of art directing some great projects recently for excellent labels: Neurot Recordings, Osmose Productions and was asked to oversee the creative direction for San Francisco based label The Flenser... it has been pretty busy!!! 

Various other updates on related activities will happen shortly, news of the forthcoming Sutekh Hexen release (3xLP/C30), a new solo 10" and collaborations.  The visual extension of my work will be slowing down a bit as I focus on family, writing/recording and self.

Thanks to everybody involved for supporting and trusting the vision up to this point and am continually thankful to be offered these amazing opportunities.


Alaric - Adore