DEAD VIOLETS = mental avalanche

Friend, colleague and mutual fan of peanut butter m&m's Thomas Ekelund's new project with other members:

Dead Violets is a noise behemoth, a drone core juggernaught, an ominous transatlantic stormcloud, a black as bile, three headed beast. Dead Violets is Jeffrey Surak (Violet, Critikal, et cetera), Bethany Moore and Thomas Ekelund (Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Teeth, et cetera).

you can check out some of their material here: http://deadviolets.org/

: please check out Mr. Ekelunds visual output(s) here:
http://www.nullvoid.net/ and here: http://www.whenskiesaregrey.se/


FERMENTÆ - 'Diaspora' + 'Gatherings 06/07' releases

An ambitious 8-panel mini-LP jacket for a 3" CDr release titled 'Diaspora' - the follow-up disc to the first 19m45s onslaught is forthcoming, but more on that later. Both pictured releases were hand assembled and sold, traded, given away in realistic editions to an already 'flooded market' of post black metal Ulver worship style acts...

A tri-fold style sleeve, packaged in a custom sized poly-bag with a foam hub in the center panel to adhere the CDr. The visuals consisted of hand-drawn, photographic and digital elements. Only a handful of these were made to be given to friends or traded to other bands and they're all gone.

la poussière flottante

Here is an AWESOME stop motion short crafted, arranged and shot entirely by the endlessly talented M. Osborne. I was asked to contribute an audio track to it:

Violet Spires

This was some line-work I hand drew, scanned and eventually mangled digitally a couple months ago. Not really always aware of what I am doing, especially when it is personal work, practicing my skill or being bored... I had subconsciously arranged one of the mirrored halves with no clue where I was taking it, and this was the result:


'Divinorum' - Bones of Seabirds album artwork

The visuals I designed for Ryan's new release on the French experimental label: Basses Frequences, run by Jerome Moncada (who were kind enough to stock copies of my release: 'Diaspora' -FERMENTÆ). Their unique releases are packaged in square tins and are labeled with a sticker on the front and inside the lid.

The album was released earlier this week, so check it out if you're looking to immerse yourselves in walls of sound here: http://www.myownsalvation.com/

Here is the link to Ryan's (BoS)
site: http://bonesofseabirds.com/blog/

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OF FALLEN CROSSES - logo drafts

NOTE: the one above is the finalized version. (Below) the precursor


Mother Destroyer...

9/17 (BUSY WEEK): Another update of the current artwork I'm creating for OFC. Details: 6-panel digipak with a clear tray centered, printed in CYMK and portions: metallic silver (877 C).

They compose chaotic and experimental black metal channeling the darkest aspects of the ancient and esoteric – doctrines. You can listen to a couple excerpts from said release here.

In between finalizing the artwork for this project, I have also been planning and recording elements for the new FERMENTÆ full-lenght album for Etude Records. That should go into production early winter, but more on that later.

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