"...of Earthly flesh ...of Earthly decæ"

I screen-printed and hand-cut these today – the design comes from the album layout that I completed recently for the band: Of Fallen Crosses. (no joke, I heard that somebody is getting this very image tattooed on their arm...!!???). Also, an interesting fact (or maybe not...), that these were printed on the backs of the Wolves in the Throne Room test presses – from their tour series, back in August. Pretty unique.

Anyway, here are the details if you are interested: 

- design: Kevin Gan. Yuen // VIRALOPTIC.COM
- hand screen-printed with white inks on black chip-board stock (on the backs of the recycled WITTR tour poster test prints)
- numbered and signed by the artist in an edition of 10 pieces
- each print measures approx: 7 x 11.25"  

- 10USD (+ shipping)

Ladies and Gentlemen... cover your sockets

my NEW secret weapon, courtesy of the endlessly skilled and talented Mr. Jeffrey Louie, here is his rundown:  

Presenting, the Skull Fucker... brutal low end, sinful sustain, and tons of gain on tap. 
- True Bypass 
- Quality Hand Picked Components
- Custom Graphics
- Ultra Bright LED
- Boss Style 9v Jack
- MXR Size Enclosure


I saw this in a stairwell

I typically don't approve of what bored, twenty-somethings, with too much time on their hands armed with sharpie markers do – but this was just AWESOME.

(because this looks just like my guitar... as evidenced below)  




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