The Emerald

I am very pleased to announce 'The Emerald', my first proper-solo debut on Utech Records, 8" lathe. Thank you Keith and Rashad Becker. Definitely in good company. 

via Utech: "To celebrate Utech Records' ten-year anniversary, the label proudly presents The Emerald – the proper solo debut from Bay Area-based experimental artist Kevin Gan Yuen. The piece examines and documents Yuen’s foray into the potent amalgamation of analog and granular synthesis, using field recordings and electric guitar as source. The resulting influence, traverses primal territories within the artists mind, accomplishing a stunning aural embodiment of illuminating the darkened path. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M. Issued as an 8” lathe cut record. Promo item in an edition of 31 copies available exclusively via Utech Records. WHILE THE PHYSICAL RECORD EXISTS COPIES WILL BE GIVEN AWAY WITH RANDOM ORDERS BEGINNING MAY 9, 2014. Photo by Joshua Churchill. Promotional 8" clear lathe cut record limited to 31 copies.URLX088



LP gatefold and 4-panel digipak packaging and design // jacket + insert + center labels (CMYK + Pantone 877C) // Cover photograph: Bernat Armangue // Packaging: Kevin Gan Yuen. Regarding Mithriac mysteries (ταυροκτόνος), monuments in new medium.
via Handmade Birds:

EDITION: 1000 CD, 500 LP

"To listen to any of Burial Hex’s many releases, which have manifested across almost all known formats over the past nine years, is to commune with dark, deathly atmospheres that contrast elegant instrumentation and rhythms with entropic noise. Drawing on a wealth of influences, from 19th Century European chamber music to industrial, from the stories of HP Lovecraft to the Italian horror movies of the 70s, its sound provokes questing minds to ponder on the supernatural, the liminal space between life and death, or the many and varied traditions and rituals that preserve occult philosophies down the ages.
But all this is about to end as Clay Ruby, the multi-instrumentalist behind these chthonic and ethereal sounds, has stated that Burial Hex is to be laid to rest, permanently and imminently, as part of a preordained strategy that has informed all of its output from the very beginning. " –The Quietus"

This is album is amazing, I have heard it in various states, and this will truly be one for all time. Believe this.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

- Kevin



Many thanks to the folks who made it out for our NW dates with the mighty Common Eider, King Eider. Eternal gratitude to Adam (momentum and holding it down), Asia and Kyle // Wisphouse (cont. hospitality and spirits), Mateo (cont. presence and documentation), all the killer bands we played with and our dearest friends/family/organizers who made this all possible. We hope to see you again soon.
Darkness approaches the Southwest...

30052014 // Wisphouse // Salem, OR // captures via Mateo Garcia

SUTEKH HEXEN with COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER 2014 West Coast tour pt.2

Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen - 'One Hundred Year Storm' C60

Packaging design art direction + layout with Thomas Martin Ekelund // Source photography: Joshua Churchill, Text: Patricia Cram, Woodcut 'Struck' by Maria Arango // Pantone 877 on black chip // Pesanta Urfolk & Cloister Recordings.