I recently had the pleasure of performing a live score for a haunting and gorgeous new film titled Premonition by Patricia Cram. The set was captured and uploaded to Youtube. I also ripped the audio source which you can listen to on my Soundcloud HERE.

Premonition (2016) by Patricia Cram
Live score by Kevin Gan Yuen // Travis Bean Standard + Reverb, Delay(s), Dist, Loop/Sampler, Roland 404SX (PA mix) + Sunn 2000S + Atlas custom 4x12 + Atlas custom 2x15 (series).

Captured by Lara Miranda on a SONY DSC-H20
Placement: mid-room

Thanks to: Patricia Cram, A.K., Lara Miranda, James Livingston/BLACK HORIZONS, Aria Rostami, Daniel Blomquist, Ryan Page, Jen + Sean/ORRA, Lee + Brittany at Amnesia SF for facilitating and Atlas custom cabs (the series box is amazing!!!)


Thanks for listening/viewing.

Mushroom burial suit...

"Alternative Embalming Fluid, a liquid spore slurry...". Love fungus. More info on this strange and practical sustainability solution by creator Jae Rhim Lee here: https://www.ted.com/talks/jae_rhim_lee?language=en


Infrasound notes

Alternative history of Bay Area tectonics: Select comm.// notes archived by 23Five documenting INFRASOUND (Scott Arford & Randy Yau) events throughout the years. 

You can view more history of related events via Randy Yau's flickr gallery here: