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SIBERIA - 'In Exile' LP

A 12" jacket that I completed for SIBERIA from Portland, OR in the winter of '07. Oliver (guitarist/screaming bloody murder) gave me these words to build the visuals upon: solitude, isolation, hopelessness, frigid death and internal struggle ... The general theme of the layout as we both discussed, draws inspiration from the novel: The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks and I had a fixation on Norwegian illustrator Theodor Kittelsen at the time as well.

the actual records had been pressed and sitting in boxes in the basement of drummer RC's moms house, waiting to be released proper. It wasn't until my chance email to Oliver that we actually talked about getting this project moving forward and completed. The final steps all took place in PDX - which included the sleeves being screen-printed by
a couple named Allison and Marcello and inserts/assembley assumedly by the band.

I believe this vinyl only release is limited to an edition of 200 or 500 copies (I can't remember) ALL on white wax and you can get a copy by contacting them directly or catching them during one of the rare live performances:

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PS. I heard from OFC that the proofs for 'Dismantling Her Six Arms' has been approved and they should be going into production as we speak. More on that soon...