Thank You to everyone who came out on a Sunday night! A stunning capture of last nights incredibly hypnotic set courtesy of Alicia DiGiovanni:


ASH BORER l/s tshirt design

A brand new 3-color shirt design for the band Ash Borer that I have been working on. The illustrations are based on Kyle and I's discussions on the general themes of: strength: decay: awareness: cyclic nature and Harry Clarke re-interpretations. There will be a hooded sweatshirt with a slightly different layout available as well: because Northern California is cold all year round. Their new album will be out shortly.


FERMENTÆ - "Allusions" CS

"Available 4/21

We are very proud to present this very limited series of cassettes, each with exclusive aural and visual material created by the respective artist in conjunction with Ivory Antler for Record Store Day 2012. Each cassette is hand-numbered and strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide. All tapes professionally dubbed and mastered for this unique series.

The first new music from Fermentæ, solo moniker of Sutekh Hexen's Kevin G. Yuen, to be released in quite some time.

1. Shade of the Acolyte 
2. To Wander To Vanish 
3. A Path Less Traveled 
4. Triharmonium 
5. Incorporeal 
6. Left Pale



Below: previews of the 4-panel j-card design/layout with photography by S. Asquatch and myself, clear cassette shells with white-ink layout by Terence Hannum.

CIRCLE OF EYES - "S/T" LP arrives...

photo-updates from Sean @ANTI-MATTER: Also, attached below is the incredible illustration commission for the 18x24" (folded) poster that will be included with the LP by Stephen Wilson @BLACK UROBORUS. More on ordering info soon.


speaking in tongues..

FERMENTÆ "GLOSSOLALIA" CS .now available and shipping from MERZ TAPES. Limited to 100 copies.