SUTEKH HEXEN - "Become" 12"EP

"SUTEKH HEXEN "Become" 12" EP. Originally released on 1/4" tape reel by Auris Apothecary, "Become" centers on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. This release serves to bridge the gap between "Behind the Throne" LP (2012) and "Monument of Decay" EP (3rd quarter 2013). This release has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and will be presented in HEAVY Stoughton tip-on jackets, featuring lavish metallic gold and black offset printing, and 2 vinyl colorways. Adorned with brand new artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen with source photography by Patricia Cram."
Available soon from KOTM (HERE)



"Shipping first week of March..
This exciting release features two new songs by Sutekh Hexen and remixes of those songs by the prolific Andrew Liles.
We will present this double LP in a gatefold with spot varnishing. 
The B and C sides feature a 7” cut onto a 12” lacquer with etched outer edges.
Standard Edition LP limited to 393 on 200gm Black Vinyl. 
Limited Edition LP limited to 93 on 200gm Royal Haze Vinyl.
Pesanta Urfolk 025
Also available: 
(MERZBILD: cassette edition) 
(AURORA BOREALIS: deluxe CD edition)"