(above) getting back to the brush and pen - HAIL the VORTEX QUAIL
2009 Year of the Ox (you stubborn bastards...)
(above) I was bored and made my own desktop wallpaper. Feel free to share it, but cred. it ...

No apologies for the lack of updates - this post is reassurance that everything is going GREAT. twothousand&nine is going to be a strong and productive one indeed!


It has been a mad-scramble –
my tracks for the FERMENTÆ / ZIZ split release will be completed this week and will be available around mid to late Feb. Final-sessions for the long-awaited (and still untitled) companion to 'Diaspora' will be taking place immediately after.
Etude recording sessions
are exclusive to early mornings of my best or worst collective mind-states. I have already sent Pau some previews and we are still moving forward!

More exciting news on the horizon, includes a new live AND studio collaborative entity with comrade: A. Douglas, as an active composer of complex, beautiful and dense layers of sound for applications in the film medium; it is a great honor to be working with him!


At the moment, I have been working on logos and artwork for melodically crushing band from Oklahoma City: KOMAROV, check them out! Their debut record is on the way and all I can say right now is that the final results will yield to be absolutely incredible.
Also, speaking of incredible: I have recently been given the the opportunity to work together with longtime, fantastically eclectic Brazilian label Essence Music on the artwork and layout for the re-release of the 'Silence of Noise' album by Aidan Baker. Please check them both out as well.
Very exciting indeed.

There will be more posts on additional projects that I will be working on as more news develops. I will try keep you all in the loop in regards to what I basically do here:
all day and all night.
More sooner than later folks Please, keep checking back.

best wishes to you earthy bunch - thanks for reading.