I just wrapped up a series of skateboard deck designs that I had been working on up until tonight...

BOTH of the swirly vector graphics on the left-hand side are originally from a canvas print I created for a non-profit a while ago; it was sold at an auction to fund an arts/music program at a local elementary school... see? I am not THAT rotten

...madness as usual


151208: the Limbs have landed

Copies of OFC - 'Dismantling Her Six Arms' arrived this week, along some shirts they had printed. I designed their logo and did the artwork for this one... everything turned out effing GREAT!!!

I have been amassing material for various FERMENTÆ/solo releases at a ridiculous rate here – there will be no letting up. I have to say that this primitive process of capturing field-recordings via hand-held cassette recorder and then transferring them to my digital 8-track is probably laughable, but I am pleased with the results - analog > digital > mess... also this whole day (12/21) has been specifically dedicated to working on an effort w/ Icelandic composer Jóhannes G. Þorsteins - ask him about sheep

Also, I recently have been in correspondence with Bryan Walker, performing member of Canadian acts: ORCA, GARDENIA and ORCINUS... another like-minded artist who is definitely worth checking out

...more sooner than later


171108_another BUSY week

Recording and editing sessions continue for the FERMENTÆ full-length. Pictured above the basic setup I am using to capture acoustic guitar vibrations via. contact mic and routing it through a mixer. Also, I have been transferring field-recordings off cassettes like crazy: the sounds of ocean side ruins, seaside-caves and rain penetrating the canopy in coastal forests.

The foundation of the second part to Diaspora was mixed down this morning/afternoon 112008. Initially intended to be a 22m track - there may be two tracks on the 3"CDr follow-up. To be realistic and resourceful: the release will be a free download OR can also be purchased as a pressed/assembled on demand basis for those who actually want something tangible to complete the Diaspora x2 3"CDr set. There will be a special bonus for the people who buy a physical copy.

NOTE: there is a collaborative OR split effort in the near future, but more on that soon...

AWESOME portrait of C. Walton of TENHORNEDBEAST /Endvra

COMRADE CRAWSHAW - SPECIAL (all caps) THANKS to Andy @BROKEN PRESS in Seattle, WA for these exceptionally designed & screen-printed gifts! NOTE: Justin Bartlett did the wicked killustration for the Watain poster pictured at the top right.



Föstudagur, 7. nóvember @Húsið, Rósenborg. Skólastíg 2
"​Shatt​ering​ the const​ructs​ of reali​ty via volum​e." poster design for a gig in Iceland. Performances by: ZIZ, Dauði​ og Djöfu​ll, G-​Spot and Earen​del



I did a brief interview for a pretty killer music blog named Hammer Smashed Sound for FERMENTÆ. Beau rules and you can visit/read it at the link below:
HSS interview >> click to read
...listen to Paysage D'Hiver


SIBERIA - 'In Exile' LP

A 12" jacket that I completed for SIBERIA from Portland, OR in the winter of '07. Oliver (guitarist/screaming bloody murder) gave me these words to build the visuals upon: solitude, isolation, hopelessness, frigid death and internal struggle ... The general theme of the layout as we both discussed, draws inspiration from the novel: The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks and I had a fixation on Norwegian illustrator Theodor Kittelsen at the time as well.

the actual records had been pressed and sitting in boxes in the basement of drummer RC's moms house, waiting to be released proper. It wasn't until my chance email to Oliver that we actually talked about getting this project moving forward and completed. The final steps all took place in PDX - which included the sleeves being screen-printed by
a couple named Allison and Marcello and inserts/assembley assumedly by the band.

I believe this vinyl only release is limited to an edition of 200 or 500 copies (I can't remember) ALL on white wax and you can get a copy by contacting them directly or catching them during one of the rare live performances:

Till next time,


PS. I heard from OFC that the proofs for 'Dismantling Her Six Arms' has been approved and they should be going into production as we speak. More on that soon...


DEAD VIOLETS = mental avalanche

Friend, colleague and mutual fan of peanut butter m&m's Thomas Ekelund's new project with other members:

Dead Violets is a noise behemoth, a drone core juggernaught, an ominous transatlantic stormcloud, a black as bile, three headed beast. Dead Violets is Jeffrey Surak (Violet, Critikal, et cetera), Bethany Moore and Thomas Ekelund (Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Teeth, et cetera).

you can check out some of their material here: http://deadviolets.org/

: please check out Mr. Ekelunds visual output(s) here:
http://www.nullvoid.net/ and here: http://www.whenskiesaregrey.se/


FERMENTÆ - 'Diaspora' + 'Gatherings 06/07' releases

An ambitious 8-panel mini-LP jacket for a 3" CDr release titled 'Diaspora' - the follow-up disc to the first 19m45s onslaught is forthcoming, but more on that later. Both pictured releases were hand assembled and sold, traded, given away in realistic editions to an already 'flooded market' of post black metal Ulver worship style acts...

A tri-fold style sleeve, packaged in a custom sized poly-bag with a foam hub in the center panel to adhere the CDr. The visuals consisted of hand-drawn, photographic and digital elements. Only a handful of these were made to be given to friends or traded to other bands and they're all gone.

la poussière flottante

Here is an AWESOME stop motion short crafted, arranged and shot entirely by the endlessly talented M. Osborne. I was asked to contribute an audio track to it:

Violet Spires

This was some line-work I hand drew, scanned and eventually mangled digitally a couple months ago. Not really always aware of what I am doing, especially when it is personal work, practicing my skill or being bored... I had subconsciously arranged one of the mirrored halves with no clue where I was taking it, and this was the result:


'Divinorum' - Bones of Seabirds album artwork

The visuals I designed for Ryan's new release on the French experimental label: Basses Frequences, run by Jerome Moncada (who were kind enough to stock copies of my release: 'Diaspora' -FERMENTÆ). Their unique releases are packaged in square tins and are labeled with a sticker on the front and inside the lid.

The album was released earlier this week, so check it out if you're looking to immerse yourselves in walls of sound here: http://www.myownsalvation.com/

Here is the link to Ryan's (BoS)
site: http://bonesofseabirds.com/blog/

Thanks for reading



OF FALLEN CROSSES - logo drafts

NOTE: the one above is the finalized version. (Below) the precursor


Mother Destroyer...

9/17 (BUSY WEEK): Another update of the current artwork I'm creating for OFC. Details: 6-panel digipak with a clear tray centered, printed in CYMK and portions: metallic silver (877 C).

They compose chaotic and experimental black metal channeling the darkest aspects of the ancient and esoteric – doctrines. You can listen to a couple excerpts from said release here.

In between finalizing the artwork for this project, I have also been planning and recording elements for the new FERMENTÆ full-lenght album for Etude Records. That should go into production early winter, but more on that later.

Thanks for reading,