Thursday night (near Lake Merriitt): come out and enjoy a fine-art opening with a couple friends, a cup of coffee (or beers) and live music. A trio featuring Andy Way (electronics and vocals), Cameron Shafii (effected Hohner piano) and myself (electric guitar)

6 - 10pm
1918 Park Blvd
Oakland, CA.

// Featuring the works of:


SUTEKH HEXEN "Behind the Throne"

LP/CD/CS editions available shortly from MAGIC BULLET RECORDS and WOHRT RECORDS. BELOW: the photography and layout for the LP packaging by myself w/the assistance of Scott Miller, Demian Johnston and Stephen Wilson. The same visuals have been translated into the CD and cassette formats accordingly.

Recorded by Lee Camfield and Ryan Petersen. 
Release date: June 26, 2012.