Sæance — Channeling The Dead Voices Of Beläten

I was recently invited to contribute some sonic and visual source material for an exhibition curated by Thomas Marin Ekelunds Belaten and artist Michael Idehall. Some great talent involved on this one! You can preview or purchase this wonderful collaboration HERE.

From Belaten:
"XII April 2013 e.v., Acéphale Naïvité, 3:e Våningen, Göteborg, Sweden
Nine voices were summoned, and as they converged and spoke through a singular mouth, the sensorial halls of Beläten were set ablaze with the black flame; burning with the Shadow Dragon.

Magnetic undulations carried the torch from distant atlantoid altars, into the crucible of arduous invocation from whence a four hour oracle was revealed, the account of which is here represented in part.

This album — distributed in limited numbers to the involved artist on cassette — constitutes the first object in the Beläten Relikvarium. Added as a bonus to this digital edition are all the original invocations provided by the participants of the Sæance."


released 26 July 2013
Sæance conducted by Michael Idehall. Source audio provided by Thomas Martin Ekelund, Æther, Fredrik Eytzinger, Terence Hannum, Josefin Hinders, Lapis Niger and Kevin Gan Yuen.



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