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CRUS27: AU:TONE:AL design. The collaborative body of , Dave Ed () and myself. Two side-long tracks (30m+) of long-form sonic alchemy with Dre on virtual and analog synthesizers, Dave on MOOG Rogue and effects and yours truly on electric guitar and amps.

Subterranean sounds for ascendant heads.





split 7" w/BLSPHM: This is the remastered tracks from our hyper limited split released on Dead Accents [DA056] in 2014 as a tour exclusive that will finally see vinyl release. Originally available in an edition of 50 tapes and long gone. Side A: Sutekh Hexen - 'Azure Graal' // Side B: BLSHPM - 'Abyss 3'. 

For now here are previews fresh off the press from Ballard, WA of the completed + assembled letter pressed sleeves. Completely new packaging design via Kevin Gan Yuen [viraloptic.com] and omnimous cover illustration by the always great Stephen Wilson!!! Two limited variants for this vinyl edition. More details soon.

Thank you.


Uncloaked Infinite on KPFA

"Utech Records is thrilled to announce Kevin Gan Yuen will be performing live on KPFA 94.1 FM Sunday, May 14 and talking about his new solo album, Uncloaked Infinite. The album will be available via Utech Records on June 9 as a 10” LP. Our friends at Heathen Harvest will be premiering a track from Uncloaked Infinite in a few weeks. A preorder will coincide with the premier. Keep an eye out and tune in to KPFA this Sunday, 10PM–1AM PST.