171108_another BUSY week

Recording and editing sessions continue for the FERMENTÆ full-length. Pictured above the basic setup I am using to capture acoustic guitar vibrations via. contact mic and routing it through a mixer. Also, I have been transferring field-recordings off cassettes like crazy: the sounds of ocean side ruins, seaside-caves and rain penetrating the canopy in coastal forests.

The foundation of the second part to Diaspora was mixed down this morning/afternoon 112008. Initially intended to be a 22m track - there may be two tracks on the 3"CDr follow-up. To be realistic and resourceful: the release will be a free download OR can also be purchased as a pressed/assembled on demand basis for those who actually want something tangible to complete the Diaspora x2 3"CDr set. There will be a special bonus for the people who buy a physical copy.

NOTE: there is a collaborative OR split effort in the near future, but more on that soon...

AWESOME portrait of C. Walton of TENHORNEDBEAST /Endvra

COMRADE CRAWSHAW - SPECIAL (all caps) THANKS to Andy @BROKEN PRESS in Seattle, WA for these exceptionally designed & screen-printed gifts! NOTE: Justin Bartlett did the wicked killustration for the Watain poster pictured at the top right.



Föstudagur, 7. nóvember @Húsið, Rósenborg. Skólastíg 2
"​Shatt​ering​ the const​ructs​ of reali​ty via volum​e." poster design for a gig in Iceland. Performances by: ZIZ, Dauði​ og Djöfu​ll, G-​Spot and Earen​del