Ash Borer // Hell 610MD poster design:

Measures 12x18" and will be screen printed on French's slate stock // colors: black, metallic silver and metallic gold. These will be available at their Baltimore gig. Sadly never printed due to whatever reasons... oh well.


Returning to the format with a new track 'Azure Graal'. Coming soon via Dead Accents


SUTEKH HEXEN 'Monument of Decay' CD + Box set edition // O.H.Y.S. shirt.

Both the regular CD Edition and Box Set Edition go on sale tomorrow: 13 May 2014.

via Small Doses

"Preview video for the limited box set edition of Sutekh Hexen's Monument of Decay. The CD contains a new, exclusive bonus track. The box set contains the CD, a 16 page zine, a silk screened patch, a numbered edition certificate, a vinyl sticker, and three one inch buttons - all housed in a silk screened box."

FYI: Wednesday 14 May, 2014 will be the last day to order the limited edition ONE HUNDRED YEAR STORM t-shirt designed in conjunction with the DoLP and Cassette releases. As stated on the Pesant Urfolk webstore "We will only print as many shirts as we sell by 5/14". this will likely be the only shirt emblazoned with the combined TREPANERINGSRITUALEN + SUTEKH HEXEN sigil. 

Available in mens and women's sizes and in three colors options: black pearl ink on black, dark grey on black and metallic-copper on black.

Order/info here

SUTEKH HEXEN 'Become' c30

via. Sentient Ruin Laboratories:
"We are extremely proud and humbled to work with Bay Area blackened noise cult, Sutekh Hexen to release one of their finest and most devastating works: 
Become EP, consisting of two towering tracks, a half hour of relentless, vile, and smoldering blackened bath of frequency worship. Become showcases Sutekh Hexen doing what they do best: practicing their blackened craft of weaving rich sonic tapestries with electric guitar, field-recordings, vintage analog synthesis, unorthodox percussion and disembodied incantations. 
Already available on vinyl LP via KOTM and the expanded CD edition will be coming out soon on Cold Spring, and now we present the final installment as a limited c30 via Sentient Ruin on May 20th 2014."
Thanks for supporting!


'The Emerald'

I am very pleased to announce 'The Emerald', my first proper-solo debut on Utech Records, 8" lathe. Thank you Keith and Rashad Becker. Definitely in good company. 

via Utech: 

"To celebrate Utech Records' ten-year anniversary, the label proudly presents The Emerald – the proper solo debut from Bay Area-based experimental artist Kevin Gan Yuen. The piece examines and documents Yuen’s foray into the potent amalgamation of analog and granular synthesis, using field recordings and electric guitar as source. The resulting influence, traverses primal territories within the artists mind, accomplishing a stunning aural embodiment of illuminating the darkened path. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M. Issued as an 8” lathe cut record. Promo item in an edition of 31 copies available exclusively via Utech Records.


Photo by Joshua Churchill.
Promotional 8" clear lathe cut record limited to 31 copies.

You can check it out here: http://www.utechrecords.com/Kevin-Gan-Yuen-The-Emerald and stream it here: http://utechrecords.bandcamp.com/track/the-emerald

Photography by Joshua Churchill at Stella Natura 2013

Thanks, folks.


Trepaneringsritualen / Sutekh Hexen - 'One Hundred Year Storm' pre-order

PRE-ORDERS have launched for 'One Hundred Year Storm' LP/CS and exclusive t shirt design.
Order here: Pesanta Urfolk
via Pesanta Urfolk:
"Pesanta Urfolk and Cloister Recordings proudly present the archival quality audio-documentation of the otherworldly performance that notoriously unleashed the elements upon Stella Natura, 2013. Recorded live by M. Garcia (GreySun Records). This blistering collaboration showcases easily the darkest performance to take place under the Sierra Nevada skies over the course of the festival's history.
Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, photography by Joshua Churchill, text: Patricia Cram and Art/Design: Kevin Gan Yuen and Thomas Martin Ekelund
Limited edition of 98 includes backpatch and experimental/untried color combination of a mix of white and clear blue with silver hazing.
Standard black edition limited to 350.
Gatefold jacket, metallic printing, spot gloss and screen printed obi strip.
Please limit ONE special edition per person.