SUTEKH HEXEN 'Monument of Decay' CD + Box set edition // O.H.Y.S. shirt.

Both the regular CD Edition and Box Set Edition go on sale tomorrow: 13 May 2014.

via Small Doses

"Preview video for the limited box set edition of Sutekh Hexen's Monument of Decay. The CD contains a new, exclusive bonus track. The box set contains the CD, a 16 page zine, a silk screened patch, a numbered edition certificate, a vinyl sticker, and three one inch buttons - all housed in a silk screened box."

FYI: Wednesday 14 May, 2014 will be the last day to order the limited edition ONE HUNDRED YEAR STORM t-shirt designed in conjunction with the DoLP and Cassette releases. As stated on the Pesant Urfolk webstore "We will only print as many shirts as we sell by 5/14". this will likely be the only shirt emblazoned with the combined TREPANERINGSRITUALEN + SUTEKH HEXEN sigil. 

Available in mens and women's sizes and in three colors options: black pearl ink on black, dark grey on black and metallic-copper on black.

Order/info here

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