SUTEKH HEXEN - "Dæmons" 7"

...manifesting. side A: Haunting // side B: Haunted // Available from DEAD SECTION and now available domestically (until sold out) via. YOUTH ATTACKArtwork by Si Clark

Here is a preview of the B side track "HAUNTING":


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Ordo Adversarial:Daemons:Shadows"

Forthcoming on FALL OF NATURE (AUS). CD-digipak design and illustrations by Stephen Wilson @BLACK UROBORUS and some words from the young progeny on the visuals here: "The inspiration for the artwork featured on the cover of "Ordo Adversarial:Daemons:Shadows" was inspired by unsettling fears and rampant paranoia present since my early childhood to now. The drawing is solely based on the notion that laughing shadows blanketed in darkness shift and change, coalescing into demons and deconstructing into shapeless horrors.  It's more or less a nod to that damn near constant unshakable anxiety riddled pit in my stomach that something is watching and hunting, making itself ever so vaguely known while mocking through fear."


FERMENTÆ: 062411 @Retox

It was an extremely successful, memorable and mystical evening thanks to PALE CHALICE, THEY ARE ALL DEAD and everybody involved with said event. A special thank you to Kevin Hobbs and Bryan Proteau @SFSLUDGE for the captures. 



I am playing a solo set tonight @Retox Lounge with Pale Chalice and They Are All Dead // 628 20th st. (cross-streets 3rd/20th in Dogpatch)  // $5 // 21+ // fog and bass procession starts at 9PM


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Shadows"

Holy Terror Records presents:

a new 7" ep from

This record will be ltd to a total of 300 records.

100 Opaque Orange Vinyl (Pre-Order)
200 Black Vinyl

the vinyl is laser etched on the B-side with a half flap cover to reveal the etching of the groups logo.

this record will also feature an exclusive embroidered SUTEKH HEXEN patch.

this is a Graceboard early offer . . .
at the time of this post only 75 copies remain available

The Flenser // new logo

flense [flɛns], flench [flɛntʃ], flinch [flɪntʃ]
(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Fishing) (tr) to strip (a whale, seal, etc.) of (its blubber or skin)
[from Danish flense; related to Dutch flensen]
flenser , flencher, flincher n

New identity for local imprint the Flenser. 
Check them out HERE.


Mamiffer, HOLC, Locrian & GATES // print design

Ltd. print design that will be available @said event // MamifferHOLCLocrianGATES


the final frontier

Pardon the shitty cell phone pics.
"Edtion: 250 (125 classic black, 125 pink with mint green splatter), insert. Since 2006, everything Servile Sect has released is sold out, minus the few remaining copies of last year's "Realms Of The Queen", which we have secured and are offering to ALL preorders of "TRVTH". Preorders will get a free copy of the 2010 Servile Sect masterwork "Realms Of The Queen" CD along with their order.



via. Jansen:

"Keep Your Hands" now available @Aquarius Records

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Thank You: K. Utech, A. Connors, N. Clement & L. Ranker, J. T. Tuite and D. Hellion
You guys Rule.