SUTEKH HEXEN - "Ordo Adversarial:Daemons:Shadows"

Forthcoming on FALL OF NATURE (AUS). CD-digipak design and illustrations by Stephen Wilson @BLACK UROBORUS and some words from the young progeny on the visuals here: "The inspiration for the artwork featured on the cover of "Ordo Adversarial:Daemons:Shadows" was inspired by unsettling fears and rampant paranoia present since my early childhood to now. The drawing is solely based on the notion that laughing shadows blanketed in darkness shift and change, coalescing into demons and deconstructing into shapeless horrors.  It's more or less a nod to that damn near constant unshakable anxiety riddled pit in my stomach that something is watching and hunting, making itself ever so vaguely known while mocking through fear."

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