AQ + Mike Watt //Westcoast tour '09

Recently finished poster design - you can pick one up at their upcoming shows!
check them out HERE.

ps. ask Scott about Bakersfield...


moving forward + more output = RESULTS

I was bored...
this might be on a shirt one day ( why you shouldn't swallow ocean water, your call...)

040609 - 170609 //GATES - 'Moths Have Eaten the Core' (revised post)

I recently completed this 6-panel + Obi, folio-style packaging for Canadian drone band GATES debut release.

The general working theme: labyrinths, claustrophobia and the detached mindset within subterranean spaces.
Bryan Walker, the sole member of said project, is also a photographer and provided all the insane shots of caves, underground cathedrals and gargoyles to be used and manipulated as elements towards the layout - pretty cool.
You can also check out Bryan's other related projects here: ORCA and GARDENIA

Aside from a MASSIVE (long overdue) + pending update of various design projects that I am still awaiting approvals for to post here: there is a NEW interview for Beau over @Hammer Smashed Jazz, good times, great blog (click the link to read said interview)

The Wolves in the Throne Room posters that I designed and printed (see previous post) will be for sale within the next few weeks (
NOTE: that these prints will be variants from the prints they sold on tour - more info on that later).

I am STILL wrapping up the final mixes and artwork for 'Diaspora' pt.2 and will be rehearsing live performance material for potential shows in the near future - I guess it's time to test the waters.

Also note that I am involved in a new project named CIRCLE of EYES featuring Thrull from South Bay black metal horde NECRITE and myself on guitars, please check that out!

Until Next time,