"There are in the abyss architects building great temples - spaces accessible to those who have the mind and fortitude to transgress the seen and pass into the unseen. There are those who know foundations, and those who further know adornment, where the subtle and the profound gnash their teeth. Amid splinter and nail, among cavern and spire, we find the black temples of Sutekh Hexen.

Here, finely woven shrouds of static hang from clattering bones. On blinding pyres, offerings convulse, open into screams. The labyrinth collapses as soon as its center is found, and when you are offered this chance to catch your breath - take it. You will soon find yourself blindfolded, fingering crossroads, filthy with the marks of shadows older than the sun.

But savage territories yield, ultimately, to a grace of their own, discernible to the eye refined. Herein lie the guts of Sutekh Hexen's power. These are ruins reimagined, anarchic entities restrained -- though they twitch in their bindings and blister beneath our gaze. A way has been cut, yet we see that it is faceted, that it will never betray anything so evident as a single path. As bottomless as the abyss is, neither does it have a crown. The empyrean here is severe, the pits heaving and rich. The greatest subversion affected, then, by Sutekh Hexen, is the making unknown of the known, of offering a body upon which you may scratch and scratch until your nailbeds bleed and still believe you're digging at something holy.

And for all that is here profane, dead sacred are the rites of each of these offerings. These are no self-referential mirrors intended to seduce the ego. Instead, each demonstrates, unflinchingly, an encounter with those rare entities that have the power to haunt the haunted. Slippery are these altars, like honeyed knives to bone.

Grind that ear upon the temple door, and hold your teeth in your head. This exorcism's going to find its way back in. Receive it. Let it leave a mark.

- Patricia Cram 



"First ever for a 7" on a 12" so I've been told! It's been done with 10"/12" I believe"

Preview of the etched sides (B and C) of the forthcoming (xMass release) SUTEKH HEXEN "Breed in Me the Darkness: the Second Coming mixes by Andrew Liles" 2xLP on Pesanta Urfolk. Completely insane. Each LP has the 15m-19m remixed track on on

e side by Mr. Liles and a 6m track on the other by us.. which allotted the outer LP matrix-space for audio grooves and the etching on the outside. Apparently, our idea for this release is a first ever. Cool! 



SUTEKH HEXEN // 14 August @Hemlock // Captured by Doug Kaplan 


"He was in ww2 and came back with that post war syndrome and died young. We were told he also was a very strong dragon dancer"


Der Weg einer Freiheit

Merch design(s) for Bavarian Black Metal band Der Weg einer Freiheit. Check them out HERE.


AAX-077 : Sutekh Hexen - Become [1/4" tape on 5" reel]

31.10.12 - Midnight on All Hallow's Eve...


Sutekh Hexen

format: ¼" tape reel - 5"
copies: 99 hand-numbered copies

music: An entity which needs no introduction, SUTEKH HEXEN have been tainting everything in their audio path with bleakness and decay for almost 2 years now. Embracing this concept wholeheartedly and twisting it into a new manifestation,Become is 2 side-long pieces of saturated, seething harshness dubbed onto recycled vintage reels of ¼" tape. Each reel has been hand-selected from a stockpile filled almost exclusively with an assortment of antique radio programs, muddied classical orchestrations and doomsday sermons about the book of Revelations. The level of audio decay is entirely dependent on the previous life of each tape reel, varying between typical tape characteristics to extreme degradation where the source material is nearly unitelligible.

To enhance the ritualistic nature of participating in the transforming audio signal, the packaging becomes a candlelight projector, the illuminated sygil flickering and dancing at the whim of the wind; an appropriately uncontrollable aspect to match the individually differing experiences that each recycled reel becomes for every listener.

NOTICE: Become has been dubbed onto recycled reels of vintage tape stock which has previously been played an unknown amount of times in possibly despicable conditions. An assortment of audio ailments such as dropouts, warble, pitch-bending, static, crackle, hiss & extreme frequency shifting are to be expected, and all flaws which may arise are entirely condoned as adding cohesion to the release concept.
packaging: Reel boxes painted gloss black with hand-cut square viewing window for transparent projector slide. Cover, instructions and insert laserjet printed in black onto black cardstock. Recycled tape spooled onto new clear 5" reels with Sutekh Hexen logo rubber-stamped onto face. Reels serial-numbered on side two in black ink. Entire box contained in clear plastic sleeve. Also Includes 2 tealight candles in ziploc.
Released October 31st, 2012 CE.
Tracklisting:A1 - 15:00 - Five Faces of Decay
B2 - 14:48 - The Voice : The Void
Runtime - 29:48 - Minutes

Purchase from Auris Apothecary HERE.
View the promo video HERE.
Stream the album HERE.


Servile Sect - "SVRRENDER"

The artwork/design for the vinyl release of Servile Sect's companion album to their previous full-length "TRVTH"released on Handmade Birds earlier this year. This release will be out VERY SOON. Please check out the links below for more info:

"Some of Servile Sect's most accomplished and oppressive sounds to date. The original limited cassette edition, being released Summer Solstice, 2011 on Handmade Birds. Servile Sect released the "Trvth" LP, to tremendous critical acclaim, and it sold out rapidly.  Come, Winter Solstice, 2011, they return with a companion to the "Trvth" LP. "Svrrender" is the most exciting material yet from SS, and dare we say it...our favorite. If you are still hunting for a copy of "Trvth,"."


Inspiration: cosmic mysticism, residual effects from LSD, NASA and fantasies of extra-dimensional travels. All relevant themes to the SS aesthetic and on-going mission.
Process: Appropriated 60's sci-fi paintings, NASA satellite imagery and iPhone photography of Xmass lights while on a long Winter walk in Clovis, CA (2010).  


SUTEKH HEXEN - "Empyräisch" LP

Now available: SUTEKH HEXEN - "EMPYRAISCH" LP   Empyräisch, released by Vendetta Records, collects “Ordo Advarsarial” “Dæmons” and “Shadows” seven-inch releases + a bonus track.  The intention was to collect the rare and / or out of print 7" material and make available on one hauntingly beautiful LP presentation. Fuck eBay and Discog record flippers...  The incentive track "Order of Nine" was previously available on the painfully limited v/a RESUMING TREATMENT: The First Year CDr box set released on July 16, 2010 | 100 copies // PLEASE NOTE: that "Shadows" is still available for order via Holy Terror and it comes with a ltd 6.66" embroidered SH sigil patch. HERE.

"In ancient cosmologies and, also, in Aristotelian philosophy, the empyrean denoted a topography of fire and aether, one which functioned as a space in the highest heaven and as a dwelling-place for God. Sutekh Hexen, using the German adjectival form for empyrean, revisit the content from “Ordo Advesarial: Daemons: Shadows” reshaping the presentation of the album. Spanning thirty minutes, “Empyräisch” gazes up to the firmament subsumed by flames to create their own source of light and matter. Vestiges of times past are presented here."  - C. Shafii

Limited to 500 copies.
400/black vinyl
100/gray vinyl

Design/layout: Kevin Gan Yuen
Photography: A.E. Csaky



I recently had the pleasure of working with a couple of the best people currently involved in experimental music. Reto Mäder (Bern/Switzerland) and Steven Hess (Chicago/USA) and their band URAL UMBO for their new cassette release on the MERZ TAPES catalog, curated by Cameron Shafii (Oakland, CA) this relatively new label's attention to details continues to release great material that pushes the revival of the cassette format experience even further.

Below are a series of photographs found and /or taken my me in various locations: the broken piano at an old rehearsal space in SF that was torn down, the fell tree in the snow from when I went camping in the High Sierra's in 2010 and the "Urban Algae" series that I explored downtown SF with the intent on capturing for the project and documenting the beauty of life within urban decay. The rest are all from personal interest. These all served as my digital thought-board. Drawing influence through "II" came naturally and I can honestly say that it felt good and I was confident to dive head-first into this one. It should also be noted that the jcards were printed on vellum, with an intent of the stained glass effect.

All these combined elements yielded the final result and compliment a GREAT album.
Please check it out an excerpt from the release HERE

I have a MASSIVE back-log of completed art/design projects from before SUTEKH HEXEN left for tour, so I will be trickling it all onto this blog with writings throughout the next few weeks or so... its very very busy here between recording and rehearing, my day-job at Image Comics and freelance-madness.

Thanks for reading. Till next time!

Hearing Loss : Spiritual Gain:  "The Audio Medium" by the Cancer Conspiracy, S/T by Khanate, "the Ape of Naples" by Coil, "Occult Rock" by Aluk Todolo, "Judgement of the Dead" by Pagan Altar, "Anti-Deluvian Chronicles" by My Dying Bride, S/T by Pinkish Black, "AH MA RA" by Arktau Eos, "Only Theatre of Pain" by Christian Death, S/T by Wreathes and "Bass on Top" by the Paul Chambers Quartet. 


"Breed in Me the Darkness: the Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles" LP/CD

Sutekh Hexen - "Breed in Me The Darkness: the Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles", LP + 7"  on PESANTA URFOLK. Deluxe CD/Digital edition on AURORA BOREALIS // Available Winter 2012. More detailed information on the sessions, artwork and format-specifications on this incredible release soon. 

BELOW: the Stella Natura festival exclusive test pressing. Each are limited to 50, hand numbered. "Comes with screen printed 12x18 metallic core folded jacket." FURTHER: the deluxe 6-panel CD digipak edition package preview: spot UV layers in magenta.

BOOMKAT have launched player excerpts for preview.
Thanks for listening.

BH-50 Provocative Rituals art zine

"Featuring art and writing, all in a theme of violent eroticism, from Josh Lay, Terence Hannum, Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson, Kevin Gan Yuen, Komissar Hjuler und Mama Baer, Chris Bickel, Genevieve Larson, Ryan Whittier Hale, Thomas Ekelund, and J Hartmann along with lots of Black Horizons design. An object of fantastic transgression, not for the faint of heart. Printed on pearl stock, with black metallic card stock cover and OBI, and a black metallic envelope. Limited to 50 copies."

Purchase here:

BLACK MASS RISING Movie Premiere, Oakland CA.

"Kevin Gan Yuen from Sutekh Hexen joined the amazing line up of the Movie Premiere, this tueasday in Oakland 7th August MMXII.

Following The Dark Path to To Light!

Live guitar journey at the Oakland Metro Opera House.
THANKS to Shazzula and the players of the evening.
It was an astonishing evening. 

Additional info on the film and items available for purchase here:



8/28 // Denver, CO
@Aqualung // 4315 delaware st. Park Ave. 80216

8/29 // Iowa City, IA 
@Gabes // 330 E Washington St.  52240

8/30 // Madison, WI
@the Project Lodge // 817 E Johnson St.  53703

8/31 // Chicago, IL
@the Burlington // 3425 W Fullerton Ave. 60647

9/1 // Cleveland, OH
@Now That's Class // 11213 Detroit Ave. 44102

9/2// Philadelphia, PA
@Millcreek Tavern // 4200 Chester Ave. 19104

9/3 // Pawtucket, RI
@Machines with Magnets // 400 Main St.  02860

9/4 // Brooklyn, NY
@Saint Vitus Bar // 1120 Manhattan Ave. 11222

9/5 // Richmond, VA
@Strange Matter // 929 W. Grace St.  23284

9/6 // Baltimore, MD
@Stevenson University Gallery // 1525 Greenspring Valley Rd.  21153

9/8 // Raleigh, NC at Hopscotch Music Festival
@ Berkeley Cafe // 217 W Martin St.  27601

9/9 // New Orleans, LA 
@The Big Top // 638 Clio Street. 70130

9/11 // Denton, TX
@Rubber Gloves // 411 E Sycam ore St.  76205

9/13 // Albuquerque, NM
@Small Engine Room Gallery // 1413 4TH STREET SW. 87102

9/14 // Tempe, AZ
@Yucca Tap Room // 29 W Southern Ave.  85281

9/15 // Los Angeles, CA
@Vacation Vinyl // 3815 West Sunset Boulevard  90026

9/20 // Oakland, CA
@Oakland Metro // 630 3rd St.  94607

Soda Springs, CA 
@Stella Natura // 


SUTEKH HEXEN ::Summer/Autumn tour 2012::

Sutekh Hexen are about to embark on our first US tour based around the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC  and the back to Oakland, CA and then our final date  in Soda Springs, CA at Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires. Listed below are the cities/dates.

Regarding the travel expenses: we all work day-jobs and in all honesty, live simple and modest lifestyles and are very fortunate to even be able to afford to be participating, writing and performing in the world of living-music. 

That being said: we had decided to open a Kickstarter to help us with the costly travel expenses: a van to seat 4-5 people and to transport all of our gear from point A to B to C and on.  The pledge-incentives being offered are great and we feel will help out a lot.  

Any generosity and assistance to help get the word out is appreciated. We hope to see you folks soon. Thanks!

-Kevin/Sutekh Hexen


"Little Prince" illustration by Demian Johnston.
Screen-prints of this will be available @gigs.
Details: 13x32" // metallic-silver + white inks on black stock // hand-numbered and signed by the artists.  Printed @Broken Press, Seattle.

SUTEKH HEXEN ::Summer/Autumn tour 2012::
8/28            Denver, CO
8/29            Iowa City, IA
8/30            Madison, WI
8/31            Chicago, IL
9/1              Cleveland, OH
9/2              Philadelphia, PA
9/3              Pawtucket, RI
9/4              New York, NY
9/5              Richmond, VA
9/6              Baltimore, MD
9/7              OFF
9/8              Raleigh, NC at Hopscotch Music Festival
9/11            Denton, TX
9/13            Albuquerque, NM
9/14            Tempe, AZ
9/15            Los Angeles, CA
9/20            Oakland, CA
9/23            Soda Springs, CA at Stella Natura: The Light of Ancestral Fires

ZIZ "Sjö"

MT05: ZIZ "Sjö" >> cassette j carrd artwork/design: original paintings and music by Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson, destroyed and reconstructed by myself digitally. 2-color (metallic gold) and black design to be offset printed on vellum. It should look really sharp. Soon on Merz Tapes.