I recently had the pleasure of working with a couple of the best people currently involved in experimental music. Reto Mäder (Bern/Switzerland) and Steven Hess (Chicago/USA) and their band URAL UMBO for their new cassette release on the MERZ TAPES catalog, curated by Cameron Shafii (Oakland, CA) this relatively new label's attention to details continues to release great material that pushes the revival of the cassette format experience even further.

Below are a series of photographs found and /or taken my me in various locations: the broken piano at an old rehearsal space in SF that was torn down, the fell tree in the snow from when I went camping in the High Sierra's in 2010 and the "Urban Algae" series that I explored downtown SF with the intent on capturing for the project and documenting the beauty of life within urban decay. The rest are all from personal interest. These all served as my digital thought-board. Drawing influence through "II" came naturally and I can honestly say that it felt good and I was confident to dive head-first into this one. It should also be noted that the jcards were printed on vellum, with an intent of the stained glass effect.

All these combined elements yielded the final result and compliment a GREAT album.
Please check it out an excerpt from the release HERE

I have a MASSIVE back-log of completed art/design projects from before SUTEKH HEXEN left for tour, so I will be trickling it all onto this blog with writings throughout the next few weeks or so... its very very busy here between recording and rehearing, my day-job at Image Comics and freelance-madness.

Thanks for reading. Till next time!

Hearing Loss : Spiritual Gain:  "The Audio Medium" by the Cancer Conspiracy, S/T by Khanate, "the Ape of Naples" by Coil, "Occult Rock" by Aluk Todolo, "Judgement of the Dead" by Pagan Altar, "Anti-Deluvian Chronicles" by My Dying Bride, S/T by Pinkish Black, "AH MA RA" by Arktau Eos, "Only Theatre of Pain" by Christian Death, S/T by Wreathes and "Bass on Top" by the Paul Chambers Quartet. 

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