Servile Sect - "SVRRENDER"

The artwork/design for the vinyl release of Servile Sect's companion album to their previous full-length "TRVTH"released on Handmade Birds earlier this year. This release will be out VERY SOON. Please check out the links below for more info:

"Some of Servile Sect's most accomplished and oppressive sounds to date. The original limited cassette edition, being released Summer Solstice, 2011 on Handmade Birds. Servile Sect released the "Trvth" LP, to tremendous critical acclaim, and it sold out rapidly.  Come, Winter Solstice, 2011, they return with a companion to the "Trvth" LP. "Svrrender" is the most exciting material yet from SS, and dare we say it...our favorite. If you are still hunting for a copy of "Trvth,"."


Inspiration: cosmic mysticism, residual effects from LSD, NASA and fantasies of extra-dimensional travels. All relevant themes to the SS aesthetic and on-going mission.
Process: Appropriated 60's sci-fi paintings, NASA satellite imagery and iPhone photography of Xmass lights while on a long Winter walk in Clovis, CA (2010).  

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