SUTEKH HEXEN - "Empyräisch" LP

Now available: SUTEKH HEXEN - "EMPYRAISCH" LP   Empyräisch, released by Vendetta Records, collects “Ordo Advarsarial” “Dæmons” and “Shadows” seven-inch releases + a bonus track.  The intention was to collect the rare and / or out of print 7" material and make available on one hauntingly beautiful LP presentation. Fuck eBay and Discog record flippers...  The incentive track "Order of Nine" was previously available on the painfully limited v/a RESUMING TREATMENT: The First Year CDr box set released on July 16, 2010 | 100 copies // PLEASE NOTE: that "Shadows" is still available for order via Holy Terror and it comes with a ltd 6.66" embroidered SH sigil patch. HERE.

"In ancient cosmologies and, also, in Aristotelian philosophy, the empyrean denoted a topography of fire and aether, one which functioned as a space in the highest heaven and as a dwelling-place for God. Sutekh Hexen, using the German adjectival form for empyrean, revisit the content from “Ordo Advesarial: Daemons: Shadows” reshaping the presentation of the album. Spanning thirty minutes, “Empyräisch” gazes up to the firmament subsumed by flames to create their own source of light and matter. Vestiges of times past are presented here."  - C. Shafii

Limited to 500 copies.
400/black vinyl
100/gray vinyl

Design/layout: Kevin Gan Yuen
Photography: A.E. Csaky

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