NOOTHGRUSH @924 Gilman 10.23.2011 "Dualistik Pantheism" print

A collaborative effort between myself and SF print-maker M. Osborne. It is a ltd. screen-print to be sold @924 Gilman tomorrow night (10/22) >> celebrating the reunion of the Bay Area sludge/doom band NOOTHGRUSH. They were one of if not thee West Coast forerunners in the metal sub-genre that really brought about the new wave of unapologetic, down-tuned filthy-aggression to the unassuming ears of the masses. DISPRIT and ATRIARCH are equally amazing as well - but, I will leave you to check all these bands out on your own accord... assuming that heavy-metal is your cup of tea... this will be a true night of sonic-variety.

Process: this a involved 12x15" wood-block carving, photography, typesetting and hand-pulled // screen-printed by yours truly in 3-colors: metallic-turqoise, wine and black on French Paper Co. (Kraft) stock. Measuring 18x24" ltd. to 35 hand-numbered/signed prints. These are literally still drying as I type this post!!!

I can't really say too much more about this other than projects like this make me feel truly alive... that is:
Working with my hands and creating an end-result: being tangible item that is not on your cryPad, cryPhone of cryPod...

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