No Funeral - "Six Song EP"

Here are the new No Funeral 12" LP jacket and cassette edition layout/designs. They play noisy, very RAW blackened punk. R. from NF asked me for "the idea i have in my head is some type of sad nature picture , something thats depressing and dark". I don't know if these shots really convey sadness or the emotional void... maybe my perception of beauty is really fucked-up; but we agreed on the visuals and that works for me! Details: this features two of my b&w nature photographs from two locations: one in Southern CA and there other here in Northern CA. On the back, a quick ink-illustration, refined digitally and combined additional elements to complete it. Mixed and mastered by Scott Miller. "Six Songs" will be available from WANDS  
and on their upcoming tour with Sutekh Hexen with Folivore.

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