Testimonium Veritatis #01

A new large-format zine from Germany that "will not only focus on Black Metal musicians but rather feature graphic designers, writers and other artists addicted to the black flame in one way or another". I had the privilege to be featured in an in-depth interview for issue no.1 that is now available for purchase.

"The first issue is limited & handnumbered to 100 copies 
and contains interviews with:

Justin Bartlett
Devil (Nor)

Árstíðir lífsins
Timo Kölling
Nucleus Torn
Clandestine Blaze
Kevin Yuen /Viral Optic

All Interviews in english except the Timo Kölling.
The price will be 3,5 Euro (5,- with shipping included).
Mailorders can get in touch for wholesale.

to order write to: 

It will also be available from Van & Northern Heritage later.

Terratur Possessions (Nor), Masters Throne (Ger) and Astrum Tempestats (Ger) will carry copies too.
I'm running out of copies so try the mentioned mailorders please."

I still have a few extra issues if anybody who wants one missed out. Domestic inquiries ONLY due to the outrageous postage rates. These will ship in a USPS flat-rate mailer with some bonus items (stickers, CDrs and whatever I feel like throwing in that will fit. Feel free to get in touch: kevin at viraloptic dot com. 

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