SUTEKH HEXEN - "Trinity" x3CS

Now available for purchase from Zeitgeists Publishing. and also, preview some detailed assembly process HERE.
"Cassette compilation of American black noise plague, SUTEKH HEXEN.Featured here are all three demos, "Constellation", "Ritualistic" and "Alters" in an elaborate fold out box.
- 3 different colored pro-dubbed cassettes (black, gray and white) with a label-sticker on each of them, housed in a black on black printed paper shell.
- Inside the box there are 4 art pieces, 3 are showing a subtile evolution and the fourth is a photo printed on semi-transparent paper framed in a black heavy carton frame
- This all is housed in a heavy dark grey polished carbon type of carton.
- Sealed with a gold obi strip.
Edition of 47"

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