Servile Sect - "Demos 2005/2006"

Preview of the artwork/design for SERVILE SECT's forthcoming proper-issue of "Demo's 2005/2006" tape via. Chicago's LAND OF DECAY (run by the members of LOCRIAN).  Continuing the psychedelic/sci-fi theme - the visuals are a combination long-forgotten dreams of the cosmos, combined with our visions of space-travel and existence. (above: the j-card design and there will be metallic gold on-shell printing on the kelly green cassette-shells).

Here is what Luke from SS has to say about the release:
"This cassette is a selection of demos from 2005/2006. This tape collects some of our earliest explorations. We gave Kevin free-reign to create a visual representation of the vibes captured in these recordings. Releasing soon in an edition of 100 kelly green C-30 cassette tapes on Land of Decay."

All material contained on this c30 was the precursor to "Stratospheric Passenger", "Eternal Mind", "Realms of the Queen" and most recently "TRVTH" --- to be honest - this material stands the test of time VERY WELL, but is definitely their darker and heavier material: which is appropriate for LOD to be handling this release.  


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