Servile Sect - "Realms of the Queen" vinyl edition

"Realms of the Queen is our proverbial popcorn trail stretching into the dripping mysteriis of psychedelic mindfulness. Re-issued for vinyl by King of the Monsters.  Featuring a beautiful 
re-design by Thee indica arsonist/tryptamine visionary Kevin Gan Yuen. Limited edition flying saucer-inspired artwork with "irradiated cum from Christ's cosmic cock" 12" vinyl INSANITY"

Process: layout and photography. the primary photograph that makes up this design is a close-up of our tour-van's break-pads that was taken with my iPhone, while on tour with Sutekh Hexen and Folivore back in August. Days prior (coming back through Arcata, CA), I had noticed an awful grinding sound under the floorboard and lack of responsiveness from the vehicle when I was driving. At that point, in L.A. I said: "when we get to San Diego, we absolutely needed to get them inspected..." sure enough, the break-pads were completely fucked. 
As per-usual, it is in the details...

CMYK + 1 (metallic silver ink) on the strips of lighter gray in the photograph and the vinyl center-labels and spot UV (raised-ink) on the LP jackets lettering, which will only be visible at certain angles. 

The guys in SERVILE SECT asked me to do something textural with simple typography. When Luke mentioned textures, he wanted something akin to the side of a crash-landed flying-saucer... not that any of us have ever seen one, but it made sense to me and this was the end-result. I will post pictures of the complete packaging/etc when they arrive. Out soon from: KING OF THE MONSTERS RECORDS.

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