I recently completed a logo study for dear friends in BARREN HARVEST.

Above: is the finalized icon and type-treatment that we were all happy with. Without being terribly literal with the logo itself, the key words in discussions were solitude and strife. Emphasized by a solitary grain pointing downward and the weathered rings encircling the lone element, we have a unified concept, designed to be iconic.. simple and bold.
The details were kept at the minimal for various applications, but looks great at all scales.

The type-treatment is simple, a quasi-hand rendered typeface with a thin stroke, seating the name from above and below. Both the icon and the type-treatment are designed to be used together or separately.

Above: are the various drafts rendered using various means, but ultimately, the majority felt too.. distant from what we were trying to achieve. My personal second choice would have been the first version (far left), which symbolizes the cyclic nature of the seasons. The other representations are a little too "metal" and are actually way out of context..

Barren Harvests debut is forthcoming from good friends @HANDMADE BIRDS, and I can honestly say that this project is one of the best that I have ever been involved with, brining much satisfaction between working with good friends, strong music and having great support in full-realization of the beautiful packaging/design that I will share previews of a little bit later..

From Handmade Birds

"The juxtaposition of dark and light. The echoes of lost love, decayed flesh, and Nature cutting through to warm one last remembrance. The gentle swell of synth, haunting voices, accent of autoharp, and a calculated use of silence. The world is cold, the reaction masterful. Barren Harvest is Lenny Smith (Atriarch/Trees), Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros)."

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