Thematically representing: life, death and rebirth; three realizations of cyclic nature. 

Available now: SUTEKH HEXEN 12"EP Trilogy... which has FINALLY been completed and each album released: 'Breed in Me the Darkness: The Second Coming mixes by Andrew Liles' 2xLP/CD (Pesanta Urfolk and Aurora Borealis), 'Become' 12"EP (King of the Monsters), and 'Monument of Decay' 12"EP/2xC10 (Black Horizons and Beläten).

All three limited edition releases are available now through our respective labels online shops, your local record store (or ask) or our online shop linked from www.sutekhhexen.org.

ALSO: The fine folks @Thrill Jockey have also made these available from a single source, so please visit them if you will. Otherwise, please check out our labels and pick-up something else great from them while you're at it!

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