SUTEKH HEXEN - "LARVAE" LP/CD // 2012 and beyond...

New Years Greetings to all:

The lack of digital-presence should not be measured for a lack of creative activity...

In these last few months, between my day-job and personal-life (or lack of) I have been working on the completion of several recordings for my band SUTEKH HEXEN. We have been very proactive as a unit since our inception in 2010 and in fact, have expanded from our core-duo of Scott Miller and myself into adding a new member: Lee Camfield and are now performing as a trio. 

Specifically, I have been focused on the deadline and release of our forthcoming, second full-length LP titled "Larvae" which will be released on 21 February, 2012 via Handmade Birds (TX) in LP/CD formats, the latter being packaged in a lavish DVD-digipakage with spot-UV printing. This has been over a year in the works. The opening-track: "Isvar Savasana" was actually our opening track that we played on tour in 2011. The logistics alone with this effort has been a massive undertaking to get all of our parts edited/mixed and mastered alone: it was recorded in San Francisco, CA // Oakland, CA, Ghent, Belgium and Oslo, Norway. 

Anyone who has ever been involved in a working band, a professional artist or a player of team-sports can vouch that there is immeasurable time and hard-work invested in "making it work". With that being said: with the new record(s) on the horizon, immense support from the underground and vision: We are doing good.

A preview of the artwork/packaging are attached below: It was a collaborative effort between Dwid Hellion and myself; the photographic collages and dark-paintings succesfully evoke the haunted visions inspired by the three tracks on this record... although texturally rich: we decided the less is more approach would be most effective: black and white gatefold printing, spot-UV elements (logos/lyrics). 

There will be updates of personal projects and art/design-related works for close-friends/associates in the coming weeks (there are 2-3 in the works),  but I will be taking a back-seat on visuals for a bit while we prepare for another tour in support of the new record(s), write/record/rehearse. etc.

Thanks for reading.

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