SUTEKH HEXEN Announce February Release Date for 'Larvae'

"Black noise" seems like the most vague description possible for a metal (or metal-influenced) sonic entity, but take one listen to the malignant sorcery conjured up by Bay Area entity SUTEKH HEXEN, and it becomes the most apt title imaginable. Swirling vortexes of chaotic distortion, overwhelming walls of fuzzed-out, menacing noise, tormented howls and sepulchral murmurs - this is black metal forced through a madman's synapses. Black metal, drone, noise, field recordings, spoken word, acoustic guitars, blighted melodies - this is what they offer, these are the elements they harness. 

SUTEKH HEXEN have gained well-deserved recognition as of late, thanks to a slew of sold-out releases and West Coast live actions, but with this, their debut release for eclectic collective Handmade Birds, the project has truly reached its apex. Larvae is manifested as a three song, thirty-minute LP, which will be released on February 21, 2012 on digipack CD and a special edition, colored gatefold vinyl (100 on clear with pink splatter, 200 on black). 

A1. Isvar Savasana 
A2. Lead Us In Warfare 
B.   Let There Be Light

As part of a longer, glowing review, Lurker's Path described the album as,"the platonic form of catharsis. That is Larvae by Sutekh Hexen, who have grown over this last year to become the forerunner in noise addled black metal. Layering their din over barely audible drums, treble-firey guitars and a vocal approach akin to murder are all just the starting blocks. What ascends from beneath the raging waves of sound is nothing short of uplifting, transcendent. Larvae is the crowning achievement of this rising star... I give Larvae LURKER’s highest recommendation for its colossal ability to affect the listener. "

Aquarius Records described the band itself as something "more than black metal...it's a darkly  epic, strangely textured assemblage of buzz and blast, howl and  pound, the sound a living black entity, sonic chaos given form. This is the real transcendental black metal. All should be worshipping before the altar of the priests of SUTEKH HEXEN” 

Larvae features the talents of many. The album was mastered at 45rpm by James Plotkin and brought forth from the void by Scott Miller (electric guitar, field-recordings, found objects, vocals), Lee Camfield (acoustic guitar), Kevin Gan Yuen (electric guitar, field-recordings, found objects), Dwid Hellion (vocals), Thomas Rodahl Dedekam (vocals), with a pair of conspirators (Yuen and Hellion) collaborating on the haunting album artwork as well." 

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