SERVILE SECT - "Eternal Mind" digital edition

***FREE download of the last EP from SERVILE SECT - "Eternal Mind" via Radical Matters with downloadable packaging by yours truly. You can get it HEREEnjoy!

"This is the first official digital re-issue of the great seminal tape-cassette of this weird and unconventional group-collective, with the artwork realised by Kevin Gan Yuen.

Note: the first track is a collaboration with Nick Phit from Graves at Sea, and the second track is a collaboration with Leudke. 
Genuine experimental black psychic weirdness!!! 

Full lenght audio: 27':00"
Edition, Curating By RMEDL | SG
Artwork Design by Servile Sect | Kevin Gan Yuen

Catlogue: R.M.W.E.83"

***really, it's free - so you have no excuses.

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