CIRCLE of EYES - S/T and "Keep Your Hands" collaboration w/Demian Johnston

Circle of Eyes - s/t C60 
Demian Johnston & Kevin Gan Yuen - "Keep Your Hands" CD

SONIC:ECLIPSE // everything in between
The CIRCLE of EYES full-length will finally be seeing the light of day via. Flenser Records, the layout/design features personal cloud photography, intricate illustration work and found-art. This release documents our progression towards the more progressive and ethereal-side of COE and I feel is the precursor of things to come.

The split w/Demian Johnston features two of his amazing (as always) illustrations, found-art and even I picked up a pencil for this one (see the back panel). This was a collaboration formed on the love of layering/dissecting audio and seizing the moment :: my parts consists of brooding electric guitars and field-recordings from Golden Gate park, Chinatown SF and my apartment during a nightmare renovation session. Pure density. 

In other sound-related news, the follow-up split with ZIZ should be wrapped up shortly and the collaboration project named OGHAM w/Thomas Ekelund is finished on the horizon for release. Staying busy as always.

I promise to write more about than album-art and music when time allows.



invisibleoranges said...

Wow, a cassette tape design! Great work - I love how it stretches across the panels. I miss that aspect from when I grew up with tapes.

Demian's style is very recognizable in those pieces. A cool collaboration!

Album art and music: what more does one need, really?

Tom Hall said...

loving your work man!

Unknown said...

Wow. Fucking incredible man.