THOU + MOLOCH Summer tour 2010

We will begin screen-printing these SOON - you can get more details about the tour HERE. These will be available for purchase starting next month at their shows and then through me afterward. Personally, I had been really slacking as a "graphic artist" the last few years and had shamefully disregarded the power of the pen(cil) and paper. Below is one of the first re-visitations of hand-rendered projects that I have been proud enough to post in recent time. I spent some time sketching the hourglass and Molly handled the lettering (dates) within. I will be posting photographic documentation of the whole process on here as things develop... it's going to be a good one! 

- designed by Kevin Yuen + Molly Osborne
- measures 13x32"
- printed on very thin chip stock
- colors: red, black, white, metallic silver
- edition of 200 prints


Scrawled aka Glyn Smyth said...

Looks great...totally suits these bands!

Kevin Gan Yuen said...

Thank you Glyn!

How have you been man?
I heard from Niall about your project for them recently.

I would love to see pics of this!!!