V:Z:U:L : AUG2016

Recently completed design/illustration/multi-medium commissions that I had updated earlier this evening at viraloptic.com (primary design port.)

Keeping the format faithful updated on here as well. On that note: I will continue updating this spot for the time being despite the options of immediacy through other "social" media platforms, which more or less render others obsolete.

Those who wish to know further on these and related projects which I am involved with here or there, please feel free to contact me directly: kevin at viraloptic dot com.

Many thanks to the collaborators and those supporters who continue to entrust my vision with theirs... We make this happen:

New logo for Seattle/New Mexico based Black/Death maniacs PREDATORY LIGHT.

Packaging/Typographic Design for mysterious Barcelona based Black/Death/Noise-wall entity, BLACK EARTH.
LP jacket design for Los Angeles based electronic/dubstep project THIEF (member of weirdo plant-based metal band BOTANIST). 
LP jacket layout for Swedish Death/Industrial spectre TREPANERINGSRITUALEN (his best album in fact).

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