Sans Soleil - 'A Holy Land Beneath A Godless Sky' LP

The recently completed packaging, design and sigil for Austin, TX based doom band Sans Soleil's debut 'A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky'. 

Everything turned out incredible as pictured above.

Distinctively American sounding doom with heavy atmosphere that (in my opinion) successfully channels our country's dark past as well as Earth did with their 'Hex...' return. What makes this band unique are their presence of viola which integrates extremely well with the expansive guitars and rhythm section without sacrificing the momentum and laid back vibes. It is consistent throughout and a damn fine 34+ minute release. Perfect for drives.

Eva and Sean reached out to me initially to re-design their sigil and handle the album cover. After some time, our fruitful conversations lead to them asking me to handle the entire presentation. 

This is probably the most elaborate album-cover project that I have been involved with in terms of parts/assembly. The outer sleeve is a die-cut outer slip + spot UV printing on craft stock, the inner 3mm jacket features 4-color printing + spot UV. The center labels are standard CMYK. Photography courtesy of NASA/JPL/University of Arizona. Layers upon layers of reality.


From the label: 


Austin-based Sans Soleil will unleash their debut LP "A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky" through Tofu Carnage Records by year's end. The instrumental, viola-led troupe features members of Dead To A Dying World and Communion and brings an organic originality to heavy, atmospheric music through their songs of triumph and despair.

This debut LP from Sans Soleil is for those who truly appreciate the aesthetic value of deluxe packaging and heavyweight color vinyl. The album is pressed on 200-gram, translucent blood red & deep purple wax with baby blue splatter and features heavyweight spot-varnish printed jackets with die-cut graphics and spot-varnish innersleeves! This is an album that was truly meant for vinyl.

Preview some new tracks from the band's upcoming release as performed for Violitionist Sessions athttp://violitionist.com/2014/04/sans-soleil-2/"

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