LYCUS "Tempest" LP + CD

Two distinctive LP/CD layouts for local doom quartet, Lycus and their first full-length "Tempest", that will be released by 20 Buck Spin. First of all, it was a great honor to be working with Dave of the absolutely fantastic 20 BUCK SPIN, an unquestionable master of the paint-brush in the classical techniques: PAOLO GIRARDI. It is always a great feeling to work with professionals of the highest calibre. Both aforementioned parties have been at this for a LONG time, so to be asked to be involved was pretty awesome. 

Lycus, play what can be described as melodic, slow, and heavy music.. with influences ranging from black/death/funeral doom genres, but is ultimately heavy metal, fuck the jargon, really.. it is a great album, and I recommend it.

Due to this particular painting taking a while to dry (some of us who have worked with this medium, can attest to how long it actually takes for oil-paints to dry.. sometimes never), it finally arrived in Olympia, WA, and was professionally photographed by a buddy of Dave/20 Buck Spin, and once that was completed, he sent the source files to me.

Below: the LP edition with a more straight-forward layout/insert design:

Once it came together, it came together quick! The full-resolution image was so large, that I was able to take portions of it, smaller than 1/4 to create the insert and CD inner panels with multi-layered and re-colored versions of Paolo's painting. I also layered several "cuts" of the original painting to achieve some darker, more sinister textures, it worked out GREAT, and I actually ended up using select cuts of the inner panels of the CD digipak for the center labels of the LP edition.

Below: the CD edition with greatly revision interior panels and much more abstract typographic/layout treatment: 
It has been sent into production by the label and should be available via 20 Buck Spin AND the band shortly. It should probably be noted that ALL text/logo elements will be printed in metallic copper, so will definitely pop. It is always tough to convey how awesome the packaging will look digitally..

Hopefully you will get to check this album out soon, the band will be touring the US in support of it this June, so try to pick-up a copy.

Thanks for reading. 

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