Under heavy influence of French comic artist, Philippe Druillet and cold/dark outer-space.  Design and layout for the debut CD from VHOL, the LP edition will be in-progress shortly through Profound Lore as well. The cover art  is by the talented John Cobbett, along with the design and layout handled by myself. 

Above: the original sketch that John had worked on --once he completed the illustration, I scanned it, touched it up, and contributed my own details to the piece.. the interior of the digipak is the same form, deconstructed. We really wanted a cold/sterile/hostile presentation, so went with a high-gloss board, Pantone metallic silver printing on black to emphasize this. Below: the digital mock-up

From Profound Lore: 
"VHOL, the new group comprised of vocalist Mike Scheidt, guitarist John Cobbett, drummer Aesop Dekker, and bassist Sigrid Sheie, have completed work on their self-titled debut album.  One that has been deemed as one of the most anticipated metal albums of the year.  Anticipated out of the curiosity of what VHOL is going to sound like and the pedigree at the band’s disposal with the members’ respective repertoires already at hand.
Initially formed by Cobbett and Dekker to create music together again post-LUDICRA fallout, VHOL would take shape quickly.  When Cobbett and Dekker were thinking of a vocalist, their first choice was easily Mike Scheidt of YOB and Scheidt immediately accepted to join the contingent without even hearing a note of music. Rounding off the lineup on bass would be HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE/AMBER ASYLUM keyboardist/bassist Sigrid Sheie respectively.
When the initial idea of VHOL surfaced, one of the initial intentions was to write music of a faster nature.  Not to necessarily continue where LUDICRA left off, but VHOL would eventually become a vehicle for the respective musicians to further explore their musical roots a bit more.  By combining elements of old-school punk, dbeat hardcore, classic old-school metal (a good combination of traditional classic metal ala Judas Priest and speed metal in the “Kill ‘Em All”/”Show No Mercy” vein), and a touch of outsider black metal, VHOL have created a sound unlike anyone in metal today. One that is raw, primal, fierce, triumphant, and ultimately face melting. This fact solidified even more by Scheidt’s distinct vocal delivery where he expands his vocal capabilities into the beyond.
Recorded by Greg Wilkinson in conspiracy with Cobbett at Earhammer Studios in Oakland and mixed by respected engineer/producer Randall Dunn in Seattle, tracklisting for VHOL goes as follows:
  1. The Wall
  2. Insane With Faith
  3. Plastic Shaman
  4. Grace
  5. Illuminate
  6. Arising
  7. Set To Await Forever
VHOL will officially be released April 16."

You can listen to a sample track of this ripping album HERE.

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