Photos courtesy of Thorsten Marc Soltau

"Ogham is the collaborative duo of Thomas Martin Ekelund and Kevin Gan Yuen, whose project takes its title from the name for an Early Medieval alphabet known for obscuring runic inscription. Linguistically, the etymology of the word ogham is unknown; its origin may stem from the Irish og-úaim 'point-seam', a seam made by the point of a sharp weapon.  

Ogham, much like the arcane set of letters it derives its inspiration from, fissures at the seams of sound.  Recorded in San Francisco by way of Gothenburg, “I” [C77] discloses two movements in an extended composition and, in doing so, a cathartic exploration of sound within dead language.  “I” [C77] combines electroacoustic impulses with raw tonal permutation en route to sinister drone. This cassette is the first part of a trilogy to be released on Merz.  

Gip e tised in faidche, dia m-ba gascedach, geis fair ar thecht dind faidchi cen chomrac n-oenfhir do fhuacra. ["Whoever comes to this meadow, if he be armed, he is forbidden to leave the meadow, without requesting single combat."]"

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